2020 BMW M1 Procar E26 Championship

With the help of the legendary drivers who were there, we revisit BMW’s most famous one-make racing series – the M1 Procar championship of the 1970s... Words: James Mills. Photography: BMW AG.

Classic 1989 BMW M635CSi E24 vs. 2015 BMW M6 Gran Coupé F06

An M6 in all its forms is a pretty rare beast, we meet a man with both a classic M635CSi and M6 Gran Coupé – is this the perfect two car garage? Words: Bob Harper. Photography: Jason Dodd.

Buying guide BMW M5 E60 Saloon

E60 M5 Powerhouse Buying BMW's super saloon. Fifteen years after it went on sale in the UK, BMW’s E60 M5 saloon remains a tempting prospect. But, with huge bills a very real possibility, what do you need to know in order to buy a good one? Words: Simon Jackson. Photography: Hexagon Classics.

BMW E36 step-by-step – replacement of the ABS sensor

This time out we show you how to tackle a common issue on the E36 step-by-step – replacement of the ABS sensor.... Words & Photography: Andrew Everett.

Fully rebuilt 170bhp 1.8 16v KR-engined 1979 Volkswagen Golf Mk1

While most of us have got the VW bug pretty bad, very few of us are obsessed with just one generation of Wolfsburg’s finest. Paul Foster seems to be. Can you guess which one? Words & photos: Jon Cass.

Fully rebuilt 2.8 VR6-engined Volkswagen Bora

Best Boy - Could this be the world's best Bora? Is there really any doubt? While our title might be a bit cheesy, the same can’t be said for Nathan White’s incredible creation. In fact, as we’ve come to conclude, it is the ultimate Bora. Words: Si McNally. Photos: Si Gray.

Modified by F7LTHY Fabrication 1000bhp Mercedes-Benz 190E W201

A modified Mercedes-Benz 190E W201 is one thing. But this? This is surely the product of some frighteningly deranged laboratory experiments. The team at F7LTHY Fabrication are the ones stirring the beakers, and things are about to get freaky… Words: Joe Partridge. Photography: Larry Chen.

Sweden wide-arched tuned-remapped 210bhp Audi A6 2.0 TDI Avant C7

Kid ‘N’ Play Sweden - awesome A6 C7 Avant Having kids means getting a sensible car, right? Well, yes and no – if you’re anything like Robin Hellgren, the grown-up family wagon won’t stay very grown-up for long… Words Dan Bevis. Photography Patrik Karlsson.

Japan – drop-top Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Quattro 8S

Midnight Sun In the neon-lit drama of late-night Tokyo, this Vegas Yellow drop-top TT is shooting out hot rays of solar energy all over the Land of the Rising Sun… Words Bevis-san. Photography Ayesh Seneviratne.

R36 engine swapped 3.6-litre 320bhp Audi TT Quattro 8N

Banana split - If the retina-wrecking Lamborghini banana yellow paint doesn’t grab your attention, the split personality beneath Gabriel Laforce’s Mk1 TT build most certainly will… Words Dan Bevis. Photography Rick Di Corpo.

Tuned 690bhp Audi 90 2.5 Turbo Quattro

Everything Everywhere. Some people build their project cars for out-and-out thrust, or to be nimble on the track; others are focused on quarter-mile times, while yet more like to have a quick and practical runabout for nipping to the shops via the fun route. Wolfgang Koller wanted all of these things at once, and the Audi 90 you see here is the polymathic result…Words Dan Bevis. Photography Lukasz Elszkowski.

Man & Machine – Richard Rimmer and his Ford Model T

Busy Tin Lizzie. Richard Rimmer found his Ford Model T in the US, has taken it to France, and reckons it’s painless to own. Words and photography Paul Hardiman.

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