Ford Thunderbird

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Vintage Car

The pride and price of owning a vintage car are exceptional. But most of the time owners often question or lookout for the most...
2020 John Bath and Drive-My EN/UK

1946 ZIS 110

The Soviet-designed ZIS 110 was definitely not a Packard, according to John Bath and Hakan Sjoholm, who explain why... Words: John Bath and Hakan...
2020 Sam Chick and Drive-y EN/UK

Popularity Contest – Jaguar E-type vs. Porsche 911

Popularity Contest - E-type and 911: so different yet each with one of the biggest fan-bases in the classic car world – and they...
2020 Piotr Degler and Drive-My EN/UK

1969 Thomassima III

Maximum dose - The Thomassima III is an exotic Italo- American hybrid of almost mythical reputation, but Drive-My has tracked it down and can...
2020 Olgun Kordal and Drive-My EN/UK

Citroën DS Coupé by Gérard Godfroy

Double Chevron Creation - Citroën never built a factory DS coupé, so stylist Gérard Godfroy made his own. Stylist Gérard Godfroy decided to build...
2020 Simon Clay/Talacrest

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Spider

Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Spider. The four-seater spider that never was. Unlike the 365 Daytona, Ferrari never offered an open-topped version of the GTC/4, so...
2019 Drive-My EN/UK and Zach James Todd, courtesy of Canepa

1986 Ford RS200 road spec

Graham Robson’s eye-witness account of how this Group B great came about. Renowned author Graham Robson worked as a consultant to Ford in the...
2019 Quinton Taylor and Drive-My EN/UK

1964 Ford Anglia Deluxe 105E

Ford’s new Anglia, introduced in 1959, was as dramatic in its engineering improvements as it was in its look-at-me, Ford America, Lincoln – inspired...
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