2020 Bentley Continental GT V8

Getting away from it all, Bentley style Wildly inappropriate timing, but you’re not going to say no to life with a Conti GT.

Air Custom 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Owner: Randy Wilcox – Mahtomedi, MN

How does one improve a ’1959 Cadillac? It’s a question few have asked, and even fewer have legitimately answered. Legendary designer Chuck Jordan left little stylistic meat on the car’s bones. One could make the case that changing one is a bit…sacrilegious. That’s why Randy Wilcox left his largely alone for the first 15 years he owned it, choosing to update it mechanically instead. He swapped in a 500c.i. V8, a 700R4, and a 9-inch and had the interior trimmed in leather. So dedicated to the design was Randy that he refreshed the stock Dusky Rose Poly. “It’s kind of a salmon-pink color,” he explains. Air ride and some 18-inch wheels made the only external changes. Words: Chris Chilton. Photos: John Jackson.

Life’s an adventure- inspiration from unexpected sources

A handicap doesn’t have to be a deterrent. If someone has the determination and support to try something new, anything is possible.

Heavily tuned turbo 312bhp Volkswagen Golf Mk2 8v

Before this scene-stealing turbo Mk2 project, Kenny Stas was never really into modifying cars. But the tuners down at the local car wash turned his head, and before long he was elbows-deep in the drama of it all… Words: Dan Bevis. Photos: Robin Lagaisse.

AWD 575bhp 2.0-litre 16-valve 9A Volkswagen Corrado Typ 53i

A potent mix of Eighties brawn and modern tech, John Mitchell’s 600hp Corrado is an all-weather adrenaline rush built to withstand the worst the UK’s road network can throw at it. Words: Alex Grant. Photos: Tony Matthews.

270bhp 5.7-litre Chevy V8-powered 1976 Jaguar XJ6 Series 2

Jag XJ6 Chevy V8 - If your six pot Jag goes bang and your mate has an unknown V8... Seeing old Jags being banger raced convinced Joe Brooks to save one, but he didn’t intend to restore it, after all they didn’t come with a Chevy V8. Words Mike Renaut. Photography Matt Richardson.

Steam Punk Beemer – 200bhp M20-Engined 2.7-Litre Stunning BMW E21 Custom

When the nights draw in and the snow starts to fall, what do you do? Stick some cocoa on and snuggle up under a blanket? Not Christo­ er Åström – he’s spent those long winter nights crafting a unique and spectacular E21. Words Dan Bevis. Photos: Mattias Olsson.

BMW E21 3-Series with Mazda 231bhp rotary engine

Complete Wankel. Dan Hargrave’s BMW 316 was greatly improved by ­ tting a smaller, higher revving Mazda rotary engine and the conversion was straightforward – but not simple. Words Mike Renaut. Photography Matt Richardson.

Subtly styled and seriously 700bhp powerful BMW M3 F80

Stealth Fighter - Subtly styled and seriously powerful F80 M3. With its subtle styling enhancements and sexy satin wrap this M3 can sneak about under the radar without arousing any suspicion, but that S55 under the bonnet has been treated to some serious upgrades and this F80 packs a serious punch. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Ade Brannan.

Awesome tuned BMW 328i Coupe E36/2

Awesome BMW 328i Coupe E36/2 Styled and tuned Santorini beauty. It’s not often we have someone writing about their own car for us, but who better to really get into all those little details? And with such a magnificently modded E36 328i Coupe, Graham Leigh is the perfect person to ensure everything is shipshape. Words: Graham Leigh. Photos: Rob Schaverien.

740whp supercharged S54 BMW Z3 M Coupé E36/8S

Coupé De Grâce 740whp supercharged S54 Z3 M Coupé. They might call the Z3 M Coupé the ‘clown shoe’ but with a monster 740whp from its heavily enhanced supercharged S54, this ferocious machine is no laughing matter. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Viktor Benyi.

JDM-styled BMW M3 E46

Wild JDM-styled BMW E46 M3. With its ultra-aggressive Japanese performance-inspired styling, this hardcore E46 M3 most definitely goes against the grain, which is exactly what makes it so good. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Patrick Lauder.

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