2020 Ruben Mellaerts and Drive-My EN/UK

Does it work? Dazzling new LEDs without the dazzle

Microscopic mirrors in Audi’s new headlights create a better beam while being more sensitive to other traffic. The theory has never...
Bruce Miller

Tech secrets of the Koenigsegg Gemera

Koenigsegg’s groundbreaking Gemera. It came from the future/Sweden Koenigsegg is at it again. After the gearboxless Regera comes the wickedly weird Gemera, a four-seat GT...
2019 Glen Smale and Drive-My EN/UK

1200bhp modified 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo 991.1 record-breaker

Speed freak Zef Eisenberg has set four world records at Pendine Sands at the wheel of a 1,200hp 991 Turbo. Drive-My meets the man...
Drive-My EN/UK

Semi-auto ’boxes

Once, there were manual gearboxes and there were slushy autos. Then came The Future: the paddleshift semi-auto. By Ben Miller. 1955...
2019 Drive-My EN/UK

Porsche 356 engine

Porsche 356 engine from modest beginnings …sprang a diminutive yet technically brilliant race-winner. Here’s how. Words John Simister. A classic era Porsche...
2018 Drive-My EN/UK

Mercedes-Benz Multi-Spark Ignition (MSI)

What is it? The latest version of Mercedes-Benz’s variable-spark ignition system for petrol engines. While many ignition systems rely on a single spark to ignite...
2018 Iain Wakefield and Drive-My EN/UK

CVT transmission

CVT – a belting good drive! Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) offers a smooth, two pedal driving experience but how does it work? Words Iain...
2018 Mark HYDRO Dixon and Drive-My EN/UK

2019 McLaren Senna

Mike and the Mechanics. McLaren Automotive boss Mike Flewitt is also a keen amateur racer. Mark Dixon drives the new McLaren Senna and discovers...
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