Must-Have Dirt Bike Gear For Every Motocross Enthusiast

Dirt Bike Enthusiast

Dirt biking is exhilarating motorsport. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular motorsports of today. Many people are captivated by the excitement that dirt biking brings. That is why lots and lots of people are interested in motorsport. Proper dirt biking gear is essential in dirt bike riding to avoid or protect against injuries caused by dirt bike riding (falling off from the dirt bike, flying debris, or accidents).

But before you jump into your dirt bike, there is important dirt biking gear that you must secure first. We have listed the most important ones in this article. Have a look.

Good Quality Helmet

One of the most essential dirt biking gear of all is the helmet. You must spend as much as you can pay for on a helmet.

The helmet protects the most essential part of your physical being, which is the head. Expert dirt bike riders recommend that when purchasing a helmet, always purchase a brand new helmet. Even if the second-hand helmet looks like it has no damage. Always settle for a high-quality dirt bike helmet. Opt for a full-faced helmet for added protection.

Dirt bike freestyle

Body Armour

Protective body armour is also one of the essential dirt biking gear that you must have. Body armour provides protection from injuries caused by dirt bike riding. They also protect the body from flying debris that is thrown by the dirt bikes upfront.

Most of the body armour suits that are available these days are integrated with a kidney belt, shoulder pads, elbow protectors and chest protector. This type of dirt biking gear is worn over the jersey. It is usually made of hard plastic materials or Kevlar.

Elbow and Knee Protectors

Every single dirt bike rider would say that the difference between not wearing elbow and knee protectors and wearing them is the scratch on the elbow or knee.

Elbow and knee protectors provide protection from scratches (or worse) when the rider is thrown away from the dirt bike or from various debris (such as grits and stones) that come flying during motocross races or dirt bike trailing.

The cost of this dirt biking gear depends on the composition and quality of the dirt biking gear.

Goggles and Gloves

Goggles and dirt biking gloves are also essential dirt bike riding gear. Goggles protect the eyes from dust, grits, mud, and flying debris. Dirt bike riding gloves provide protection on the hands at the same time provide comfort.

There are generally two types of dirt bike riding gloves — motocross gloves and Enduro gloves. Motocross gloves provide more grip because it has less padding on its palm side. In contrast, the Enduro gloves are best for longer rides because of the additional padding on the palm side of the glove.

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Dirt Bike Boots

Dirt bike boots can’t be ignored when it comes to talking about important Dirt Bike gear. Many things like mud, wood pieces, stones and water, hit your feet during riding. You’ll end up damaging your feet badly if you don’t have good boots to protect your feet. They cover your ankles, shin area and feet.

Moreover, they also ensure that you have sufficient grip on the pegs, especially during steep turns or jumps. Having proper control of your body enhances your overall performance.

The good news is, motocross boots have evolved over time. You can find many high-quality budget boots at MXstore.

Final Word

Dirt biking gear protects the rider from injuries. That is why it is important that you must have all the needed dirt bike riding gear before you go out and ride. Take cues from this article and make sure you have all the important gear before jumping onto your dirt bike.

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