Top three £8000 classics BMW


BMW 325i Sport Saloon (E30) (1986 to 1990)

Anyone who was someone in the late Eighties/early Nineties drove an E30 325i. Fortunately, those who didn’t get the chance first time around can now enjoy the experience – with some examples of this seminal 170hp two-door saloon occasionally appearing for sale for as little as £8000. At this price it’ll have plenty of miles on the clock, but if the condition is A1 then you’re sure to get your money back in the future.

BMW 840Ci Sport (E31) (1995 to 1999)

BMW’s 840Ci Sport Coupé is sure to glean admiring glances wherever you go and the plush spec, with full parchment leather, air-con, cruise control and electric sunroof still holds its own in similar company today. Seek out face-lifted models with the newer 4.4-litre M62B44 engine as they have better fuel economy and more torque. A 1998 90k-miler could be yours for just £8000, and is sure to be a good investment.

BMW M5 Saloon (E39) (1998 to 2003)

No list of affordable BMW modern classics would be complete without the brilliant E39 BMW M5 Saloon, and as little as £8000 can be sufficient to lever a decent example from a regretful owner’s trembling hands. With over 100k miles on the clock there are bound to be a few areas needing TLC but a good specialist can sort those out leaving you with a 400hp V8 saloon that’s the envy of all your mates.

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