Torq Thrust replicas from Group 4 wheels

For many years, the classic American Racing Torq Thrust wheel has been a favourite of racers and hot-rodders alike, but their rarity in Porsche fitment and offset has made them a high-dollar item, especially the super-light magnesium version. Well, there’s good news for anyone who’s seeking that classic ‘sports purpose’ period SCCA look as Group 4 Wheels have announced the release of two new wheels that replicate Porschefitment Torq Thrusts: the TT1560 and the TT1570.

Cast in high-grade aluminium, they’re both 15-inch in diameter, the former being six-inches wide with an ET (offset) of 36, the latter a special seven inch version with offsets of either ET 23 or 32.

Torq Thrust replicas from Group 4 wheels

Torq Thrust replicas from Group 4 wheels

The ET 32 offset is designed to allow the wheel to fit under the rear of narrow-bodied cars without the need for juggling around with spacers, as is the case with the classic Fuchs 7R rims. The ET 23 shares the offset of the standard 7×15 Fuchs wheels, so will be suitable for use front and rear on most LWB 911s.

Finished with a sand-blasted centre and turned lip, the new wheels will be competitively priced, roughly in line with current Group 4 wheels, and are due for release in March 2020.

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