Where to Buy Classic Cars and Vintage Cars Online?


Love for history and art has always been a vital driving force behind the sale and use of classic and vintage cars. Apart from this, it gives owners the joy of exploring the experience of driving an old car in Las Vegas while hitting the countryside roads of iconic cities.

Trading and buying a classic and vintage car is one of the most profitable auto businesses. For one, these cars are an excellent investment as they offer great value for your money. Then, they are rare and limited in number.

Fortunately, the development of the internet and technology still gives everyone equal access to buying and owning decades of history packed in classic cars. You can get one limited edition vintage or classic car right from your fingertip at classic car auction websites. This article will take you through everything you need to know about getting your classic or vintage car online and the most reliable places to get them.

Is Buying a Classic Car a Good investment?

Vintage or classic cars inherently have more value than regular cars. It’s a glaring fact that the demand for vintage cars greatly ousts its supply, and therefore, they are regarded as high-value collectibles.

Buying a classic or vintage car is worthwhile due to its rarity and limited supply. Apart from the fun of having a classic car with a legendary historical background, they can be a good source of long-term investment since they are becoming rarer every year.

Apart from their limited supply, classic and vintage cars are a symbolic representation of the evolution of car innovation and development. They are historically significant pieces that mark the beginning of new bar-raising development in car-making technology.

Meanwhile, these cars and their iconic appearance have a lot of positive impacts on their originality. Their design has withstood the test of time and, therefore, remains a valuable investment in the long run.

Top Places to Buy Classic and Vintage Cars

The US is home to one of the biggest classic car markets globally, with more than $1.4 billion in sales recorded in 2015. Therefore, apart from the high number of sales, you can easily find your perfect classic car regardless of the model or build.

If you’re not sure where you can buy a classic car online, here are five of the best places to turn to:


SCA easily earns the top spot as one of the best places to get your vintage or classic car online. The insurance auto auction company is a top international and nationwide auction platform where you can participate in over 160 auctions and access more than 300,000 vehicles weekly.

You can easily buy your vintage car at the SCA car auction in Las Vegas and more than 170 locations nationwide. Although there is a 24/7 support system for users, their online auto auction system is very simple to use, especially for newbies. Meanwhile, you can get your car delivered to your doorstep at an affordable cost.

Bellingham Public Auto Auction

Bellingham Public Auto Auction is a Washington-based auction house. They specialize in trading and auctioning every car type, including classics and vintage rides. They also sell heavy-duty equipment, car parts, and misc items.

Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction

A family-owned car auction and dealership business located in Philadelphia. Founded in 1969, Carriage Trade Auto Auction offers dealers and buyers various used and vintage car inventories at the best price. Meanwhile, their auction events held weekly feature more than 500 cars.

Classic Car Auction

Classic Car Auction is seated in Palm Springs, providing exclusive vehicle auction services for buyers in Palm Springs and all over the US. Their auctioning lot features as many as 500 vehicles in a twice-per-year grand sale in February and November. There is also an exquisite showroom that houses the best classic cars all year round.

Abingdon Auto Auction

Abingdon Auto Auction is another family-owned and operated dealer-only vehicles auction house in Bristol. The company boasts a large real estate capacity to hold its wide range of high-quality car inventory. They offer dealership services as well as buying and selling classic, exotic, vintage, collectible, and regular cars.

With more than 20 years of service, Abingdon Auto Auction prioritizes its customers with excellent support, transport, and title services.

Tips for Buying a Vintage Car Online

Do your Research: Doing a thorough assignment and research about the classic or vintage car you want to buy is the first step to getting the best online. Depending on your need or preference, check out details about the car, its price, and ease of maintenance.

To build your bidding strategy, look for the best retail price at different online auctions and compare prices. Ensure you also research the availability.

Plan the Budget: After getting enough information about the car’s price, build an effective budget based on your financial prowess. The first rule of building your budget is don’t go for a car you can’t afford. Then stick to your budget even if you’re outbid in an auction.

Ensure you plan on how to finance the purchase while adding necessary fees such as delivery, tax, and other add-ons.

Choose the best time and place: The best time and place to buy your car saves you money. Target times when huge promotions like Black Friday or Cyber Mondays are rolled out. Also, try targeting late summers when dealers need to meet their quotas and get rid of old inventories.

Inspect the car carefully: Before bidding for a vintage or classic car online, you might consider arranging an inspection to check the car thoroughly. When checking the car, look for signs of improper maintenance like rust. In broad daylight, ensure you check every interior component, including seats, belts, dashboard, radio, upholstery, and others.

Check the car’s exterior parts for dents, marks, or misalignment. Also, run a quick VIN check on the car’s registration and financial history. Then, check the mileage details and opt-in for a low to optimal mileage.

You might consider a professional appraisal before putting your money on the car. A professional will save you both money and time since they can quickly detect warning signs and red flags.

Last Words

You have many options when it comes to getting your vintage car at an online car auction. However, you must ensure you’re buying from the best place.

Also, ensure you know what you want and do your research before buying the car online. When it’s high time you buy the car, check all proper details, including history and background checks. Check all components and parts and ensure they are intact. Finally, take all red flags or warning signs seriously.

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