BMW M5 E28 – my drive


Why did you choose it?

I saw it advertised at auction, but didn’t have time to view it. I’d set a limit and won the auction at nearly £3k less – I’d bought a 1980s BMW I’d never seen for nearly £20k! But when I collected it, the body was immaculate, all consumables were brand new and everything worked – even the electric headrests! I was very relieved and very happy!

What’s the best bit?

The engine is a masterpiece, but the chassis set-up just edges it – it’s comfortable but can play the hooligan.

What’s the worst bit?

Putting it away for the winter as I’m scared of rust when I’d actually love to be using it all-year round as it it’s even more fun in the wet!

Any modifications?

Nope, though I’m considering braided brake lines and a retro-styled modern stereo with some decent speakers.

What’s it like to run?

I’ve only had two issues with the car. The brakes would stick on harder and harder through a journey, then slowly release again after a ten minute stop; this was fixed with a new master cylinder. The other issue was a strange one; it started running really lumpy then wouldn’t start at all in a petrol station. Luckily, Ariel, my local BMW expert (aka A J Autogas) traced it to a faulty sensor. Any advice for buyers?

Get one if you have the opportunity! I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Any funny mishaps?

On my hands and knees looking for the towing eye in the petrol station (see above), I had my foot run over by a Tesla Model S – didn’t hear it coming!

Bought sight unseen, Ian’s M5 turned out to be a peach.

Year 1987

Mileage 176,000

Acquired 2011

Dream car Ferrari F40 or 250 GT Lusso

Worst car 1996 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2

Best driving song Grace – Not Over Yet

Dad drove Lots, he’s the reason I’m a petrolhead. Early days included 3.0S and 2.8

injection Capris, XR4x4 Sierra, BBR Shogun, TVR Chimaera, XJS, XKR, F-Type R, E-Type

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