Alfa-Romeo from another planet

We know – it’s hard not to stare. When Robert Opron decided to boldly go where no designer had gone before, it was a fortunate miracle for the motoring world that Alfa Romeo’s bosses went with him.

Ever since, the SZ has created controversy with its brutalist but compelling lines. It has gained a fierce cult following, and couldn’t ever become mainstream as barely more than 1000 were built – they are rarer than Ferrari F40s. They also seem like a classic it’s hard to lose money on. Three years back I wrote about them having gained a third in value in the previous three years. Since then they have risen another 20%.

Alfa Romeo S.Z. 162C

Alfa Romeo S.Z. 162C / This Alfa Romeo SZ, up for grabs with Classic Car Auctions, has a temptingly low estimate.

So it’s got to be worth tuning in when one comes to market, and the pictured car is being offered by Classic Car Auctions on 3 August. It was originally a German market car, but the vendor brought it to the UK in 2000. For most of the intervening years in was in storage but was recommissioned in 2015, which explains its low mileage of 43,000 (69,025km). If bought at the £38-£42k estimate, that looks a very nice deal.

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