2020 Tesla Model Y – first look

Move over Model 3, Teslas fourth model is its most important yet, reckons Jonathan Musk.

Building on the mass production Mode! 3 platform (i.e. a cheaper car that’s designed to make the company a much needed profit), Model Y is Tesla’s new baby SUV that sits above Model 3 and below Model X.

Tesla Model Y - first look

Tesla Model Y – first look

Tesla is promising the car will be sold from $39k (probably a couple of grand more than Model 3) for the base-level ‘Standard Range’ rear-wheei drive version, while Dual-Motor all-wheel drive, Long Range and Performance variants will be added to the mix later.

Despite being smaller than the Model X and S, Tesla has managed to squeeze in the popular seven-seat option, whereby two seats are added in a third row. Tesla claim those extra seats are for “adults and their gear”, which is intriguing in itself. Together with the split-folding second row of seats, Model Y is able to offer around 1,920 litres (a.k.a lots) of storage space. Making sure passengers don’t feel too claustrophobic, there’ll also be a full panoramic glass roof option.

Being a Tesla – a company that proudly boasts it doesn’t produce slow cars – in its quickest Performance form, Model Y will be capable of 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 150mph – just short of the Model 3’s specs.

Enabling that performance will be power provided from one or two battery specifications; Standard Range providing 230-miles and Long Range that should cover an easy 300-miles.

Chargingthe battery, Model Y users will beableto make the most of Tesla’s Supercharger network of 12,0 chargers across 36 countries – and including support for Tesla’s latest V3 Superchargers that are claimed to offer “1,000mph”; so customers will be looking at a 20-minute charge time for a couple hundred miles range.

Borrowing tech from Model 3 upon which it is based means Model Y includes the ability to use your smartphone as a key, remote unlock, use Summon, pre-condition the climate control and track the car’s location. The dash is set to feature the Model 3’s 15-inch one-screen-does-it-all touch display to operate all car controls too.

Initially, the company plans to offer all models from Autumn 2019, bar the Standard Range model that’ll join in early 2021. There’s no word yet on right hand drive UK models.

“230-miles range for around $39k will immediately put the Model Y at the top of many EV buyers wishlists.”

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