2015 Lincoln Continental Concept

Lincoln Continental Concept

The Lincoln Continental Concept big bodies, back again. Everyone remembers and loves the 1961 Lincoln Continental, the long, low sedan with suicide doors. This front-wheel-drive concept has far less swagger than that sedan from the ’60s, but it’s definitely cooler than anything we’ve seen from Lincoln in the last decade. Most important, it has us excited to see what the automaker can do with a dedicated rear-wheel-drive platform, which should be coming in the next few years.

Lincoln Continental-concept

• A production version of the Continental is confirmed for next year and will likely be built on a stretched version of the platform that underpins the MKS.

• A turbocharged, 3.0-liter V-6 engine will be exclusive to Lincoln and will likely send its power through an available all-wheeldrive system.

 • Push just one button, then the front passenger seat slides forward and the 30-way adjustable rear seat fully reclines.

• The automaker is abandoning the split-wing grille seen on current Lincolns in favor of this new design that will propagate across the lineup.

• Lots of high-end interior materials, including Venetianstyle leather, satin, shearling wool, and rose gold.

• We hope these LED matrix headlights will be legal by next year, but it’s doubtful. Don’t expect them to make it to production.

“IT’S GREAT THEY’RE CONTINUING TO EVOLVE THE BRAND. … I THINK AMERICAN LUXURY CAN TAKE ON MANY FORMS.”Andrew Smith, Cadillac design chief, about Lincoln and its Continental Concept

1961 Lincoln Continental

Wish it were more like this: 1961 Lincoln Continental that celebrities drove.


1990 Lincoln Town Car

Glad it’s not more like this: 1990 Lincoln Town Car that celebrities’ chauffeurs drove.

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