What Cars to Look Out for in 2020

Are you looking to buy a brand new car in 2020? This looks set to be a fantastic year for the automotive industry with a handful of exciting cars set to be released over the coming 12 months, all of which are sure to make a big impression on the industry and satisfy motorists looking for a new car.

Ford Puma

Ford has a long history of manufacturing highly reliable automobiles with a type for every motorist and the Puma looks set to be an excellent addition to the already stellar lineup. Scheduled for a release early in the year, this stylish crossover boasts some clever technology which will help to make it one of the more efficient, practical and enjoyable new cars to hit the road.

Vauxhall Corsa & Corsa-e

The Corsa is a UK favourite with the newest generation of the supermini is also expected to be released at the start of the year and will build on the success of previous models with a range of new features along with better fuel economy and handling. The Corsa-e, meanwhile, is set for an April release and will be more expensive to purchase but will help you to make big savings in the long run. It is also a smart idea to take out GAP Insurance so that you have financial protection if you were to get into an accident and write the car off (you could lose out a huge amount due to depreciation.)

Volkswagen Golf Mk8

Set for a Spring release, the Golf Mk8 will take the great reliability, practicality and build quality of the much-loved VW Golf while bringing modern elements in, such as touch-operated buttons and dials on the dash, a built-in Amazon Alexa and a highly efficient engine producing just 10g/km.

What Cars to Look Out for in 2020

What Cars to Look Out for in 2020

Mazda CX-30

The sleek, stylish and luxurious CX-30 is one of the more attractive vehicles set to be released this year but it is also a car which offers premium features at a reasonable price. It features the latest and best safety technology, including a smart drowsy driver detection system.

SEAT El-Born

Set for release in March, the El-Born is SEAT’s foray into the electric car market and it is one which will certainly appeal to eco-conscious motorists. The sporty and stylish hatchback has a decent amount of interior space along with a range of impressive driver assistance systems, plus it has a range of up to 261 miles.

These are a few of the best cars scheduled for release this year and all which would be a smart purchase for any motorist looking for a new car in 2020.

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