What are the Best Family Cars?

Buying a new family car is a huge decision and not one which should be taken lightly. It is likely that you will rely on this vehicle to transport the family and to carry out various daily chores so it should be a car which is reliable, comfortable, spacious and will fit in with you particularly lifestyle. Here are a few of the best family cars that are worth looking at:


Skoda Octavia

Any parent looking for a spacious hatchback should turn their attention to the recently-updated Skoda Octavia which has an enormous 590-litre boot along with lots of space in the cabin for a comfortable ride. It is also a vehicle which is efficient, practical and excellent value for money.

VW Golf

It is hard to ignore the VW Golf which has been a favourite in the UK for many years and popular with a wide range of motorists. This is because it is a car which ticks all the boxes in that it is reliable, practical, comfortable, spacious, efficient and good value for money. The most recent model also has sophisticated technology, including a digital dashboard.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus was once again the top-selling car in the UK last year and this is for good reason. Despite its small size, it has a surprising amount of interior space which makes it a great choice for families living in cities, but it is also enjoyable to drive, comfortable and efficient. It also features a range of impressive safety features that any parent will appreciate. Its popularity means that it is easy to find in the used car market but remember to take out an extended warranty from a specialist like ALA for complete protection.

Dacia Duster

SUVs are skyrocketing in popularity and they are a good option for active families looking for a large, reliable and spacious vehicle. The Duster is a no-frills SUV which is much cheaper than other cars in its class but has all the basics that you need, including cabin space, a comfortable ride and affordable running costs.

Vauxhall Astra

The newest version of the Astra may look the same but it has been given a serious upgrade which makes it a joy to drive, plus it also has decent interior space with wide-opening doors (handy for kids and baby seats).

You cannot go wrong with any of the above when looking for a new family car, all of which will give you a comfortable and reliable car that fits with your family’s lifestyle.

What are the Best Family Cars?

What are the Best Family Cars?

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