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    With a long history of producing elite systems for BMWs, Akrapovic were particularly excited to work on the latest M5. With a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 600hp and 553lb ft of torque, it really has moved the game on, not least because it can be switched between 2WD and 4WD. Add to this an engaging chassis, plus subtly aggressive looks and it’s clear that this super-saloon is set to be a big hit with enthusiast drivers, which is where Akrapovic comes in. Following many months of intensive research and development, Akrapovic’s engineers have created a full Evolution Line titanium system that transforms the performance and sound of the M5’s twin-turbo V8.

    Like all Akrapovic systems, specialist 3D sound maps were used to ensure the sound was perfectly balanced – sporty and aggressive for enthusiastic driving, but with no drone when cruising. It’s this refinement that sets Akrapovic exhaust systems apart from the rest and the reason that they are so easy to live with. Beautifully finished in ultra-lightweight titanium, the Evolution Line titanium system can be specified with either matt or gloss finish carbon fibre exhaust tips. The system also offers significant performance gains of 11.5hp and 15.7lb ft and a weight saving of 9.4kg. As well as the Evolution Line titanium system and mandatory carbon fibre tailpipes (which must be ordered with the system), optional extras include an Akrapovic Sound Kit and a host of carbon fibre additions including a rear diffuser in either matt or gloss carbon fibre. A performance downpipe, without cats, will also be available to order in due course. This stunning titanium system for the M5 is now available for pre-order, directly through the Akrapovic dealer network.

    Price: #Akrapovic-Evolution-Line-system £7313, carbon fibre tailpipes (required) £1362, carbon fibre rear diffuser £1045, #Akrapovic-Sound-Kit £477

    Web: www.peron-distribution.co.uk