• Electronic milestone BMW-i3 / BMW / #2018

    The #BMW-Group delivered more than 100,000 electrified vehicles to customers worldwide in 2017, as promised at the beginning of the year. This underlines the company’s leadership role when it comes to electro-mobility. A spectacular light installation marked this milestone, as the BMW Group headquarters – the famous ‘Four-cylinder’ building in Munich – was transformed into a battery. “This 99-metre-high signal is lighting the way into the era of electro-mobility,” said #Harald-Krüger , Chairman of the Board of Management of #BMW-AG . “Selling 100,000 electrified cars in one year is an important milestone, but this is just the beginning for us.

    “Since the introduction of the #BMW-i3 in #2013 , we’ve delivered over 200,000 electrified cars and, by 2025, we will offer 25 electrified models. Electro-mobility will continue to be my measure for our future success.”

    The 100,000th electrified #BMW of 2017, with the BMW ‘battery’ building in the background.