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    The third-generation Audi 100 generated that now-famous Vorsprung Durch Technik strapline – Progress Through Technology. A genuine game-changer with galvanised bodies, front-wheel drive, fivepot engines, wind-cheating 0.30 coefficient of drag (it was the first car ever to have lush window glazing) and a revolutionary Procon-Ten safety system, the slippery 100 CD was the car that laid the foundations of today’s shimmering Audi brand.

    COST NEW £8894

    VALUE NOW £2000

    In the Eighties I owned several C3s and loved their NSU Ro80-like space, silence and technical audacity. My fondest recollection was of a white quattro Avant on Ronal alloys that I ran for 60,000 hiccup-free miles. Cool and efficient, in the Eighties and Nineties, Audi 100 CDs lined the streets of Fulham and Battersea, owned by family professionals who’d tired of their GTis.

    But like too many great cars of that era we didn’t cherish them and they’re a rare sight today. There’s a private seller in Norfolk with an unspoilt ’1987 100 CD in gold with 58,000 miles and full history asking just £1000. Another private man in Essex has a silver ‘1988 Avant (that’s the huge estate) quattro with 46,000 and continuous history from new for £3500.

    These prices are daft for such a handsome and capable machine that’s so well built, long-lived and distinctive. The DVLA says there are only 15 Avant quattros in regular use and only 14 of the 100 CD saloons. As an everyday classic they’re a perfect ride, but track down one of the few tiny-milers that still exist and you’ll own an Eighties icon priced massively below its intrinsic abilities and value.