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    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my weekend read of the quattro special edition of Audi Driver . Thanks for selecting my car to join the other equally impressive looking quattros.

    Another quite amazing twist is that I referred to my daily driver in the article as an #Audi-A6-4.2-S-line . This magazine made me look into the reprints of previous road tests run by Audi Driver as I fancied looking back at the #Audi-A6-4.2 review.

    I found in my old magazine archive (a box in the loft!) the November 2005 edition, and to my utter astonishment, my car is the actual car you tested and wrote a six-page review about back in 2005! OY54 MVC is sat on my drive (albeit with my private plate now). It is still an amazing car and in superb original condition. It looks no different to the #2005 article, a testament to Audi.