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  • Commitment to Hydrogen

    BMW has stated its ongoing commitment to hydrogen fuel cell technology, the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT project, a collaboration with Toyota dating back to 2013, is set to continue. The project recently shared its first 'virtual insights' in the form of computer-generated images. It's all part of its 'Power of Choice strategy' whereby BMW is developing differing options for the future customer – "there is no single solution" is the mantra. This flexibility will allow BMW a foot in both future mobility camps – hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric – should the axe ultimately fall in one direction or the other, or somewhere in between. It's the VHS versus Betamax argument all over again...

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  • 2020 WSR BMWs Revealed - BTCC

    WSR's three BMWs took part in the BTCC pre-season test prior to the start of the season being delayed...

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  • COVID-19 forces BMW shutdown

    The rapidly escalating nature of the global health crisis has caused BMW to take action...

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  • New 330e BMW 3 Series G20/G21 hybrids

    BMW has added a 330e Touring G21 to its range of hybrid models for the first time, you'll be able to choose from traditional or xDrive versions of both it and the 330e G20 saloon...

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  • New Schnitzer 2021 BMW X3 M G01

    AC Schnitzer's revised version of the X3 M is said to show that even BMW's M vehicles have not yet reached their full potential...

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