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It's not uncommon to see a group of similar cars being used in a wedding procession. Here in Australia, it's normal to see a line of Holden Toranas or Walkinshaws carrying bride and groom to the church. Perhaps you've noticed the occasional convoy of... Harley Davidsons performing similar duties. But have you ever seen a line of matching supercharged Jaguars wearing the same paintwork, wheel choice and boasting roots blowers protruding through the bonnets? Didn't think so. That's exactly why Extreme Action magazine commissioned us to photograph Fat Cat Classics' trio of fine ladies for issue 99 of the magazine and write up the story on how they came to be. Shot within the confines of Forza Performance's Sydney workshop, the trio includes the 1971 XJ12 known as Marilyn with its 400ci Chevrolet V8 and 4/71 supercharger; as well as the even more bruising 1963 MK10 known as Elizabeth, running a stout 383ci stroker topped with an 8/71 blower. Talk about getting to your wedding fast! As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy and strobist fans will find our lighting information and EXIF data on each image’s caption, too. Strobist: two bare 430EXIIs on stands at head height lighting the side of the car to camera right. single 580EXII bare, also on full power, lighting the front on a stand at head height. More
6 May 2016