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    / #Prior-Design 2 Series #wide-body-conversion / #BMW / #BMW-2-Series-Coupe / #BMW-2-Series-Coupe-F22 / #BMW-F22 / #2016 / #BMW-F22-Prior-Design /

    Available now from M Style is this wide-body conversion for the 2 Series Coupé by Prior Design. The conversion kit consists of front and rear bumpers, side skirts, front wings and rear quarter add-ons, front bumper widening and rear bumper widening. For an even more dramatic look Prior Design also offers an add-on front splitter, bonnet and rear spoiler. Painting and fitting are available at M Style’s East London tuning centre.

    Price: £4895 (supplied only). Painting and fitting costs extra Contact: or 020 8598 9115
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    A stunning matt white, wide-body BMW E92 335i. The E92 bar has been raised to sublime proportions with Carlos Molina’s dazzling matt white wide-body 335i. Words: Iain Curry. Photos: Eric Eikenberry.

    Perhaps the best news for us modifiers with the launch of the new F30 3-Series is the inevitable plummet in prices for the outgoing E9x models on the used market. So get yourself ready, soon these desirable fifth-gen Threes will be flooding the classified websites at prices more and more will be able to afford. That means it’s the time to get some modifying plans in place, and if you’re after a bit of inspiration, it’d be a good idea to look west to America and witness some of the latest E90/2 creations currently leading the scene.

    Carlos Molina Jr. will be a name familiar to many reading PBMW, as his cars and modifying exploits have been widely publicised on the internet and in magazines. His killer E46 show car has been long on the scene since its SEMA 2008 introduction, but inevitably Carlos was tempted by a new project by 2011, this time based on the then current E92 Coupé.

    In its sweetest of sweet-six engine guise, an E92 335i with a twin-turbocharged 3.0- litre is a talented platform to start work on. Carlos took the plunge and put his order in, ready to get busy with a Prior Design body kit he’d spied. “I saw glimpses of a full widebody kit on the internet, and was told that no one in the US had the full kit,” he said.

    This chance at exclusivity convinced Carlos to commit to the German Prior Design offering, and just one peek at the spectacular body is enough to convince most that he made the right choice. Here is an E92 that successfully maintains its attractive factory styling, but adds muscles in exactly the right places. And sat on those achingly good-looking concave polished-lip DPEs with barely-there rubber bands wrapped round them, it’s a show-stopper both on the street and in the modified car halls.

    Once Carlos had decided on the widebody, he was introduced to Michael Borja from Rollin’ Art who’d have a big say in the dramatic final results you see today. “Mr Borja was known for his meticulous painting ability, especially with matt paints,” Carlos said. “We discussed the build, and decided on a Bianco Fugi white matt pearl.”

    And what a choice it was. Fresh, contemporary and very, very sexy, this matt white hue emphasises the aggressive curvature of the wide-body and, especially under show lights and street lights, you’re left in little doubt that this is a very special BMW. The body work has been meticulously carried out, with the metal work of the rear wheel wells given relief cuts and then shaped to the glass fibre Prior Design wide-arch for added reinforcement.

    The full kit comprises the fattened arches, side skirts, front and rear bumpers and the vented and bulged bonnet. With subtle Prior Design wings for the bootlid and roof, the look is certainly not too over-the-top, more a case of elegant aggression. Such a style is seen on the likes of BMW’s new M6, with its factory 20-inch wheels sharing much in the way of desirable style with Carlos’ 20-inch DPE rolling stock.

    The wheels sit on Tein adjustable Super Sport coilover suspension for the required slammed stance, and this thing will be a mean handler with the Whiteline front and rear anti-roll bars acting as back up. The DPEs also allow plenty of vision for the anchors behind, consisting of Rotora 14-inch discs clenched by Rotora six-pots up front and four-pots at the rear. Powdercoating these white adds even more flair behind the rims, while H2 ceramic brake pads ensure the full complement is there for pulling up promptly when this E92’s fettled powerplant is properly exercised.

    While Carlos was discussing plans with Rollin’ Art in Las Vegas, it became clear that the rest of the car needed to match the level of the body. “The discussion did not end with the exterior,” he said. “I wanted the interior, engine and audio extensively worked, too.” This has been achieved and then some. Little wonder then that this E92 had more than a few crowds around it at the Accele booth at the giant SEMA show.

    Starting with the cabin, this is a plush masterpiece dripping in Alcantara and carbon fibre, with the stand-out ACE Custom Steering blue steering wheel breaking up the classy blacks and greys. In true old-school racer fashion the front seats are Cobra carbon fibre items re-wrapped in Rollin’ Art diamond stitch while the surrounding gaiters, headliner and interior pillars are Alcantara. Throw in an Active Autowerke polished aluminium gear knob, NRG carbon handbrake and UUC carbon race pedals and Carlos has a sublime area to go to work in. You’ll also find parts of the mighty ICE install in here too.

    There’s an Accele rear view mirror with integrated screen, and who doesn’t like a bit of personal voyeurism when out enjoying an enthusiastic drive? Check out the Accele mini video camera pointed at the driver, just to log all the fun goings-on this E92 offers.

    Moving under the bootlid and there’s a veritable party to discover. Once again there are acres of Alcantara for some classy lining, and it looks superb surrounding not one but two 19-inch Accele monitors. One of these is for the bootlid’s inside while the second, on the back of the rear seats, is split into four sections to display the view from the different cameras this car features. Amps, subs and a Sony PS3 all add to the beautifully lit and presented boot install, one that even the harshest of show judges would struggle to not award top marks to.

    Now that could have been that for Carlos’ E92, and we couldn’t have blamed him if the fantastic combination of six-speed manual gearbox mated to the multi-award winning 3.0-litre twin-turbo proved ample in the performance department. Not so.

    “While all the aesthetics were being upgraded at Rollin’ Art, I turned to my good friend Chad Stett, owner of Stett Performance, for some engine goodies,” Carlos said. “He provided a new dual intake, charge pipe, oil cooler and upgraded vacuum reservoirs I’d suggested. No performance upgrade there, but they sure do look great next to all the other Stett Performance items powdercoated red in the engine bay.”

    Yes, it’s pretty showy under that bonnet too with various Stett red flashes, plus there’s a BMW badged Axis Power Racing carbon fibre engine cover and braided hoses. Well, you didn’t expect it just to be dull factory plastic engine shrouds did you? As tasty as the under-bonnet aesthetics are, there’s plenty of substance to match the style.

    The boosted six-cylinder features a Nitrous Express nitrous system with the various associated accoutrements, while a full custom exhaust by SuperSport has been fabricated to work with the Prior Design bodykit. AFE has provided the downpipe and throttle body, while a Race Precision front-mounted intercooler helps keep temperatures down more effectively than the stock item not designed for the healthy leap in power here. There was also good cause to beef the transmission up too, with Centreforce providing a performance clutch and lightened flywheel to handle the increased load.

    The end result of all this? Well, it’s fantasy stuff really. The finished article is one of the finest examples of E92 tuning we’ve ever seen and is a credit to Carlos and his many sponsors and supporters involved in the build. His wide-body 2011 335i demands your attention even at a show as outrageous as SEMA and, crucially, here’s a modified #BMW that has pride of place in a show booth, tearing through the city streets under neon lights, or even out on your favourite country road thanks to its comprehensive performance and chassis enhancements.

    So there’s your inspiration. The E9x model prices are on the tumble and with examples like Carlos’ 335i to aspire to we hope to see plenty more flooding our scene in the near future. This perfectly-painted wide-body may have had more coin spent on it than most modifiers can stretch to, but we hope to see more of its ilk from those brave enough to attempt it. However, for now we’re just happy to sit back and enjoy this masterwork in all its pearly matt white glory.

    DATA FILE #BMW-E92 / #BMW-335i / #BMW-335i-E92 / #2011 / #BMW / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E92 / #BMW-3-Series-Coupe-E92 / #BMW-3-Series-Coupe / #N55B30 / #N55 / #BMW-N55 / #ESS-Tuning / #BMW-E92-Widebody / #BMW-E92-Prior-Design / #DPE /

    ENGINE: 3.0-litre twin-turbo in-line-six cylinder with #SuperSport full custom exhaust made for #Prior-Design body kit, AFE downpipe and throttle body, #Nitrous-Express remote bottle opener, purge valve kit, bottle pressure gauge, #GENX-2 accessory kit and #IntraCooler kit, Axis #Power-Racing carbon fibre engine cover, #NRG carbon fibre valve cover, bulkhead cover, PS loop cover and panel covers, Race Precision front-mounted intercooler and Ram Air scoop system, Stett Performance / #ESS-Tuning-ECU mapping, Stett Performance twin intake version 2 powdercoated Stett red, charge pipe version 2 powdercoated #Stett red with #Tial blow-off valve, #Stett-Performance carbon fibre catch can, oil cooler system, stainless steel vacuum reservoirs powdercoated Stett red and intake duct block-off plate

    TRANSMISSION: Six-speed manual with Centreforce performance clutch and lightened flywheel

    CHASSIS: 10x20” (front) and 11x20” (rear) #DPE-CS5 super concave three-piece wheels shod in 255/30 (front) and 285/25 (rear) Toyo T1R tyres. Tein adjustable Super Sport coilover suspension, #Whiteline front and rear anti-roll bars, Powerflex control arm bushes, Rotora 14-inch brake discs, #Rotora six-pot calipers (front) and four-pot calipers (rear) powdercoated white by Rollin’ Art, Rotora SS brake lines and H2 ceramic pads

    EXTERIOR: #Prior-Design wide-body conversion, front bumper, boot lip spoiler, window wing, rear bumper, bonnet, front fenders, rear fender flares and side skirts, Rollin’ Art Bianco Fugi white full body respray

    INTERIOR: Cobra carbon fibre race seats re-wrapped in Rollin’ Art diamond stitch, ACE Custom Steering steering wheel, Active Autowerke polished aluminium gearshift knob, Accele rear view mirror with integrated screen, Accele mini video camera pointed at driver, NRG carbon fibre handbrake and 16- piece interior kit, Rollin’ Art Alcantara suede gearshift gaiter, handbrake gaiter, headliner, boot liner and A- and C-pillars, UUC carbon fibre race pedals

    ICE: Accele 19-inch boot monitor (split into four sections for the different cameras in car), 19-inch bootlid monitor, rear view mirror with monitor on rear view, hidden switches, actuators, FM modulator, video amplifier, video switcher and rear view camera, Sony PS3, Diamond Audio twin 12-inch subs, components, mono amp and four-channel amp, Street Wires 2* chrome cap and Street Wires audio/visual wiring throughout

    THANKS: Eric Eikenberry for helping to get my vehicles in print, Mike Borja @ Rollin’ Art for the paint and transport, Chad Stett @ Stett Performance for support and developing the vacuum reservoirs, Stan Chen @ Toyo Tires for over 12 years of tyre support, Will Baty @ CenterForce for using the 335 as a test vehicle for future upgrades, Eloy Way @ Race Precision for believing in the build since SEMA ’07, Andreas Belzek @ Prior Design, Brian Paille @ Accele for supporting another BMW build, Bob Chanthavongsa @ Diamond Audio for last minute audio support
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    Insane R8 Rotiform’s star of Worthersee / ROTIFORM R8 Worthersee stunner. NO COMPROMISE / Words Davy Lewis Photography Jape Tiitinen / Location Grossglockner Alpine Pass, Austria

    Over the top, in your face and just a little bit mad, the #Rotiform-R8 / #Audi is loved and hated in equal measures…

    Every year in May, the small town of Reifnitz, on the banks of the picturesque Lake Worthersee, is transformed into VW Audi nirvana. It’s the place to be seen in your tuned car, and it attracts every conceivable model, from the sublime to the ridiculous. If you get the opportunity, go – you will be blown away. Although it’s a chilled out event, competition is fierce, with companies and individuals from all over the world, aiming to make their car the most stand out, talked about of the year. This leads to some pretty insane builds. The fact that Audi and VW join in, creating some truly ‘out there’ cars especially for the show, just goes to demonstrate how much impact this event has. Which brings us to this rather lively looking R8…

    On the face of it, sticking a wide arch kit, motorsport-inspired graphics and air-ride to the pinnacle of Audi’s line up is anathema to many. Yet, even those who don’t get it, accept that it makes a big impact. Which is what it was designed to do.

    Created by Brian Henderson, the man behind the ubiquitous and forward thinking wheel outfit, Rotiform, this R8 is all about standing out. And like a Coco-Pop inside a bowl of Rice Krispies – it certainly fulfils the brief.

    Think of it this way: if you were headed to the ultimate gathering of VWs and Audis in Europe and wanted to make a big impression, the kind of thing that’ll light up social media faster than a dancing cat, then you need to think outside the box. No good rocking up in something finished in a classy, but subtle colour.

    For 33-year old Brian, a veteran of many big builds, the inspiration came from a rival German manufacturer. “I loved the old Hugo Boss BMW M1 race car,” he explains. For those who don’t know, this was one of the all time great racers. A true icon for BMW fans in the same way that the S1 E2 is for Audi guys.

    The R8 was chosen as, in certain parts of Europe, at least, it’s an attainable proposition. In the UK, £40k will get you behind the wheel of an early V8; with a personal plate, most would think you were in a car that cost twice that. It also floated Brian’s boat because it’s an R8. Messing with an S4 or RS6 wouldn’t have had quite the same impact (though Jon Olsson may disagree!).

    With a tight deadline to get the car ready for its Austrian adventure, Brian pulled out all the stops and worked fast. First up, the whole thing was disassembled. That’s right folks, with a Prior Design 850 wide arch kit ready to fit up, the OE panels had to come off. Can you imagine paying 40-grand for a top of the line Audi and then ripping it apart almost immediately? Not sure many people (myself included) could stomach that. But then Brian isn’t most people.

    With the aggressive kit mated to the R8’s body, things began to take shape. The Prior kit is a high-end, very well made package, so there were no issues with fitment. Although the stock wheels now looked ridiculous set inboard with huge arches swallowing them up. But no matter; a set of Rotiform’s finest would soon be attached to each hub; a very special set indeed.

    The wheels had to be something amazing and the CCV threepiece rims with forged step lip are simply stunning. They’re massive too – a girthy 9x20in up front with a whopping 13x20 at the rear. Custom made for the R8’s wide arch body, they are magnificent – the perfect showcase for Rotiform’s considerable talents.

    With such a showy car, you may think that Brian took it easy, parking it up nice and carefully at the show. Not a bit of it. This thing was designed to be used and used it was. In fact, Brian didn’t bat an eyelid when we asked if we could take it up into the mountains to find a breathtaking backdrop to shoot it in front of. The now legendary Grossglockner Alpine road cost us 35€ in tolls to get to on this beautiful road. It was 26-degrees at the bottom and 3500 meters higher winds were blowing and weather was changing all the time from warm to cold, with lots of snow. Anyone that’s driven this route will know that it can be hairy, so a widened R8 with fat 13in rear wheels and stretched summer tyres probably wouldn’t be your first choice for such a trip. So massive respect to Brian, Jape and the rest of the guys for making the trip to get these stunning shots.

    When it came to suspension, a static drop was never going to cut it. As a demo car for Rotiform, it had to be dropped as low as possible at shows to attract maximum attention. Brian is very much a fan of the high quality set-up that was fitted.

    “It has the best suspension I’ve ever driven, and I’ve driven A LOT OF THEM. I chose to use HP Drivetech air suspension which is built off Bilstein Clubsport dampers. Then I went with the Accuair E-Level air management system,” he enthuses.

    The exterior wrap is what you might term striking. It’s a homage to the legendary BMW M1 racers of the 80s and Rotiform’s twist on it certainly looks out of this world. Too much for most of us perhaps, but it’s only a wrap, and it shows what can be achieved with a little inspiration.

    So, what’s next for this game changing R8? Well, not much as Brian sold it before he returned to the US. “I wish I could have kept it now,” he admits, “but it served its purpose.” Having done over 3000 miles in it while he was in Europe, he did his brand the world of good with this no compromise build.

    SPECIFICATION #2012 #Audi-R8-4.2FSI-V8 / #Audi-R8 / #Audi / #Audi-R8-Rotiform / #Audi-R8-4.2-V8-FSI

    Engine 4.2 FSI V8, performance exhaust and induction system
    Transmission 6-speed R-tronic
    Brakes Stock R8
    Suspension #HP-Drivetech air suspension which uses #Bilstein-Clubsport dampers and #AccuAir / #AccuAir-E-Level air management system
    Wheels and Tyres 9x20 and 13x20in #Rotiform-CCV forged step lip 3-piece wheels
    Interior Cobra Imola bucket seats
    Exterior #Prior-Design PD GT850 widebody kit / #Prior-Design-PD-GT850

    Tuning contacts #Rotiform / Prior Design / #Bilstein

    Top: Stunning scenery Above: Ready to rumble V8 style.

    “First up, the whole thing was disassembled”

    Right: R8 looks great in the Alps Below: Special order Cobra seats Bottom: This R8 is no trailer queen.

    “The wheels themselves had to be something amazing” ‏ — at Grossglockner High Alpine Road, 5661, Austria
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