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    The ballistic GKD Legend Six. With 330hp in a 700kg body, the #GKD-Legend-Six is a ferociously fast road machine.

    We’ve previously covered the GKD Legend that utilised E36 #318iS mechanicals and we were mightily impressed, but with #E36-M3-Evo power under the bonnet, this version is even more spectacular. The machine we have here, built by owner Jason Spencer, was the first Legend Six that’s been fully assembled and registered on the road but if our driving experience is anything to go by, it certainly won’t be the last.

    The Legend Six is ferociously fast. Not fast like an #F10 #M5 , fast like a Lockheed Lightening jet. With around 330hp in a car that weighs a little over 700kg, think 0-62mph in less than 3.5 seconds and a 0-100mph time of less than eight. But perhaps what’s most impressive is the way that it delivers its performance – by all means go chasing the headline figures by using all the #M-Power ’six’s revs, but even if you knock it back a notch and short-shift at 4000rpm you’re still going to be travelling faster than most supercars. And the lack of a windscreen in Jason’s example makes it seem ten times faster than it is.

    Where this kit car really scores is that with a kit from #GKD and a donor #E36 or #E46 the vast majority of the build is plug ’n’ play and as the standard ECU is used it makes the tricky electronic side of this much easier for the amateur builder. How far you go with the spec is up to you, but Jason’s machine here has been assembled to a very high standard and features Racelogic traction control, comfy yet supportive seats, a removable steering wheel, Stack instrumentation and a Stack data logger.

    With a power-to-weight ratio of somewhere in the region of 450hp/tonne it should come as no surprise that the GKD is devastatingly quick. Twist the key, hear that BMW ’six erupt into life and there’s a sense of drama even when sitting still, especially as the glorious exhaust exits just below your right elbow. Slotting the stubby-machined gear knob into first (and this is a five-speed unit as it saves around 17kg over the six-speed version) and pulling away is strangely undramatic. All the controls have a nice BMW-esque feel to them and you can easily potter about in a high gear letting the torque do the work as you get used to the driving experience.

    Dropping a couple of cogs and flooring the throttle elicits a howl of approval from the #S50 up front while the rear Toyos dig deep and somehow find the grip to launch you at the horizon. Straight-line speed is all well and good, but what’s going to happen when you hit the twisties? The Mintex/Black Diamond brake combo washes off speed without any drama and the GKD simply turns in and goes where you point it. You try again, but with a little bit more speed and the effect is the same – grip levels are huge. I’ve never driven a machine with such brilliantly adjustable handling – it flatters your driving, whether you choose to drive slow-in, fast-out, or play the hooligan and chuck it sideways at every opportunity. In short the GKD will do exactly what you ask it to do and this must be testament to the quality of the kit, but also Jason’s attention to detail during the build that included having the car corner weighted for the perfect setup.

    The GKD is hugely entertaining, ballistically quick, yet can also be docile and comfortable – it even rides the B-roads very well. It’ll return over 30mpg and if it had the optional windscreen and some weather gear it would be practical, too. Jason spent around £13k assembling his high-spec example, GKD reckons you could build a lower spec one for £9k. That’s massively tempting…

    2015 GKD Legend Six

    Engine: 3.2-litre straight-six #S50B32 (M3 E36 3-series #BMW )
    Transmission: Five-speed manual
    How many: There’s a few about
    What is it: Ballistic British Bavarian-powered kit car
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