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    Pushing the limits

    Fancy a little extra from your 5.2 V10? ABT may have the answer, with their stunning Gen 2 R8… R8 V10 ABT’s Geneva show stopper. Words Davy Lewis. Photography ABT.

    The gen 2 R8 is, quite simply, one of the finest cars on the road today. I’ve been fortunate to drive a few of them and each time it’s been a thrilling experience.

    However, like many people, I’m not in a position to own one of Audi’s super cars right now. But that doesn’t mean I’m not hungry to find out more. The R8 is something to aspire to – a life goal perhaps. If you’ve made it, then you can afford one, and if that’s the case you may well want something a little extra on top. A little extra on top is what ABT Sportsline do very well indeed. The German tuning specialists have been doing it for many, many years and know what’s what when it comes to high-end upgrades.

    So what do we have here, then?

    Well, it’s part of the quartet of power launched at Geneva and perhaps the most desirable of the lot. The base car is an R8 Plus, which means it’s already a bit of a weapon. The mighty 5.2 V10 kicks out a rather brutal 610hp and makes the kind of sound that could raise the dead. A wrung out V10 is one of the finest things you’ll ever hear – especially if you’re lucky enough to be piloting it. Add to this advanced chassis dynamics, cutting edge design, carbon ceramic brakes and an interior that oozes class and you’ve got one heck of a package. But there’s always room to squeeze a bit more out…

    The first thing that hits you with the ABT R8 is the colour. It’s finished in satin red, which on paper sounds at best average, but in the metal looks superb. Without a glossy paint grabbing all the attention, your eyes are free to take in the curves and angles of the R8’s bodywork. But there’s more…

    The front and rear bumpers have been subtly redesigned. Not that they were lacking in visual appeal to begin with, but the ABT treatment has given the R8 an even more snarling, almost racecar look. They’re more angular, stand out further and do a grant job of setting this car apart from the rest.

    “With an extra 20hp, the R8 now kicks out 630hp”

    ABT are masters at carbon fibre artistry and have given the R8’s muscular shape some extra definition. Up front there’s a neat carbon lip that adds some aggression and brings the nose closer to the black stuff. There’s also a very tough looking carbon blade added to the bumper.

    Add to this a gloss black grille, complete with ABT badge and black Audi rings, and the front is on point. Moving to the side, you’ll find some carbon side blades, which are what you’d expect on something like this. But look closer and you’ll see more carbon – this time behind the front wheels and continued with neat carbon spats at each corner of the skirts, front and rear. The carbon-fest continues with the mirror covers and the rear quarter panels, then as you move to the rear (arguably the best feature), you take in the deeply sculpted diffuser and rear wing. The OEM twin tailpipes have been replaced with a quad-pipe setup, which looks bang on the money – and helps to unleash the full potential of that spine tingling V10.

    The breathtaking exterior is completed with a set of ABT’s new wheels, which are diamond cut and feature slender spokes and a nice inner dish. In 20in finished in matte black, these lightweight, forged rims really do look the part on this red supercar.

    Inside, things are equally, if not even more impressive. Every surface has been covered in Alcantara or carbon fibre, with contrasting red details. Again a stock R8 plus is no poverty spec cabin, but this thing is on another level.

    So there we have it. Like many cars we feature this may not be the most modified, but it’s a well considered package that all works well together – in an OEM like way. Exotic machinery like this may out of reach for many, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming…

    “The exhaust helps unleash the full potential of that spine tingling V10”

    Right: 20in forged rims and carbon ceramics.
    Above: Interior is awash with Alcantara and carbon.
    Top: The rear end screams aggression.

    TECHNICAL DATA FILE/SPECIFICATION #2017 / #Audi-R8-Plus / #Audi-R8-Plus-ABT / #Audi-R8-V10 / #Audi / #Audi-R8 / #Audi-R8-V10-Plus / #Audi-R8-Mk2 / #Audi-R8-Mk2-ABT / #Audi-R8-ABT / #ABT

    Engine 5.2 #V10 #Audi-V10 , #ABT custom software, #ABT-exhaust-system with quad tailpipes
    Transmission 8-speed #S-tronic
    Brakes Carbon ceramic
    Suspension ABT sports setup
    Wheels ABT forged 20in in matte black
    Interior Full re-trim in Alcantara with red details and carbon fibre pieces, including steering wheel, dash and headlining
    Exterior ABT front and rear bumpers featuring more aggressive intakes, carbon side blades, carbon sideskirt ends, carbon front arch pieces, carbon rear quarters, carbon rear wing, carbon rear diffuser, carbon mirrors, black grille with ABT badge, black Audi rings, painted Exclusive satin red

    Contacts Richter Sport ABT /
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    Debonair Audi R8 V10 with Mansory goodies

    Cover Car / #Mansory / #Audi-R8-V10-Mansory / #Audi-R8-Mansory / #Audi-R8-V10-Typ-42 / #Audi-R8-Typ-42 / #Audi-Typ-42 / #Audi-R8-V10-Mansory-Typ-42 /

    Text: Faz&Furiouz
    Photos: Kenny Yeoh
    Model: Chelsea Chil

    There are not too many cars that have made it to production that bore an uncanny resemblance to its concept car perpetrator. How many times have we seen such gorgeously penned artistic rendition, with their sleek lines, ultra large wheels and ultra thin rubbers ended up being paired down more like, looking at best, only a passing likeness to the concept it was derived from. So to have the Le Mans Quattro Concept (back 2003) made into the R8 (in 2006) without so much as a body panel being changed was quite something.

    Quite something indeed, not that it is germane to our matter at hand here but still, the R8’s concept-turned-production genesis had hitherto being proven a stellar success for Audi AG, being among the most popular performance car pretty much in every major car market ours included.

    And of course, they’re pretty big in the tuning scene as well. Utilizing the wonders of Google and you’d see a huge array of aftermarket options for the R8, along with the subsequent tuners and brands. Another key indicator is the R8’s exploits in motor racing which covers not only Europe and Asia but other regions as well.

    Inasmuch as the R8 has evolved into a bonafide legend in its class, with its brilliant run of successes in GT Championships the world over, it is still the production car that makes enthusiasts and even ‘regular’ car folks all flipped up and over, whenever they rumbled pass, or when one is spotted. Little wonder than that Mr. Tony Stark himself, despite having the means to get pretty much any megabucks exotics, chose instead the R8 – both the first and its successor. And yeah I know, the man is a figment of the imagination, unadulterated fiction manifested into cinematic reality. But then again, it is Hollywood after all, and with the global market that Hollywood’s box office flicks catered to, the perpetual hype that a big budget super hero movie entails inasmuch, and its association with Audi was indeed quite a statement and a tribute to consumerism and capitalism.

    Anyway, right here and right now our collective focus falls upon this here 2010 model R8, the Audi R8 Coupe 5.2 FSI Quattro to be exact. Now this car has quite a history of close collaboration with Hypertune. If you recall like a couple of issues back it made an appearance as a matted out black R8 resplendent with quite a considerable selection of Mansory performance and styling products. Now moving forward the ownership of that very same ride has changed and seeing as the new owner is pretty much the same ilk as the previous one, he’d then gone about doing it up for quite a bit, and this fine looking ride is the end result.

    Before I rattle on and on waxing lyrical about the finer personalization that our man had showered upon his exceptional R8, perhaps I could interest you on this preemptive ‘detour’ as per the R8’s place of birth. Well, it is no secret really since we’re all ‘connected’ pretty much 24-7 that we’d still have our squinting eyes fixated upon our handheld devices when we’re relieving ourselves even (a ‘masterstroke’ of progress perhaps). Anyway, as per the R8’s origin, it is not Ingolstadt but Neckarsulm – Quattro GmbH’s state of the art 3,500 square meters plant, which the R8 and its numerous variants and versions shares with Audi’s RS models. Fancy that? Consider how important the R8 is for Audi as a global automotive powerhouse that they’ve invested quite a bit of capital on such facilities. To think that before the R8 came to being, there were those who’d voiced some ‘concerns’ that Audi does not have the conviction as such to produce such superlative performance cars.

    Well that notion has been put to rest the moment the first production R8 rolled out of Neckarsulm back in 2006. That first Audi R8 powered by the brutish 414 hp 4.2 FSI V8 and mated to the benchmark Quattro powertrain registered some truly super performance figures – 4.6 seconds naught to sixty mph, 301 km/h, with handling to match. And of course, the sensational ‘digital age’ looks. Few cars can match the R8 for visual gratification, and even now after a number of aesthetic revisions the original silhouette remained unaltered, as is the imposing façade.

    And that very same DNA resides within this quite spectacular 2010 example. After some four years in production some ‘transplanted’ Lamborghini elements were put in place – the Gallardo LP560-4 derived 5.2 liter V10. Nestled longitudinally mid-ship the normally aspirated 5,204 cc Odd firing V10 40 valve DOHC with some 518 hp at 8000rpm and 391 foot pounds of torque at 6500rpm, takes the standard car through a swift, pretty darn quick 3.7 seconds century sprint, 11.5 secs quarter mile, 196mph max speed. With the APR Direct Port Program, Quicksilver exhaust and Carbonio intake, we’d reckon some pretty major readjustments as per the above figures are required. Telltale hint is that APR tuning program which had been known to yield some incredibly huge horsepower and torque gains.

    With that sorted now we’ve come upon the remarkably done up aesthetics of this APRprepped R8 5.2 FSI V10. The Mansory exterior carbon fiber components (bonnet, front blade, side sigma, rear side mirror, dry carbon side blades) were carried over for the most part from the previous owner, and added on to that were the carbon spoiler, front lip and rear diffuser from the R8 GT. The gorgeous black finish is made even more gorgeous with that final touch – the 19” Y DESIGN alloys. Behind that reside the standard brakes, equipped with aftermarket racing brake pads from Endless.

    Inside the trademark R8 interior (voted as among the best interior recently) has a Mansory carbon interior trim, along with fine Nappa leather, Alcantara head lining, Contour sport steering wheel, Bang & Olufsen sound system along with numerous multimedia gadgets inasmuch. All in all a fine piece of modified R8.

    TECHNICAL DATA Hyperfacts!

    Car: #Audi-R8-Spyder-V10-5.2-FSI-Quattro / #Audi-R8-Spyder / #Audi-R8-Spyder-V10 / #Audi-R8-V10 / #Audi-R8 / #Audi /

    Engine Modifications: 5.2 #V10 #FSI #Quattro , #APR-Direct-Port-Programming / #Quicksilver Titan Supersport Exhaust system ( #AU230T ), Carbonio Carbon intake

    Transmission: 6-speed #R-tronic automatic transmission

    Suspension: standard

    Brakes: standard, Endless racing brake pads

    Wheels & Tyres: 19” 10-spokes #Y-Design A/W

    Interior: Fine Nappa leather, Alcantara head lining, Contour 3 spoke leather sport steering, multimedia music interface, multifunction steering wheel, electric seat with lumbar adjustments, Audi parking system plus, reverse camera, CD changer, mobile telephone via Bluetooth, Bang & Olufsen sound system, Mansory racing pedals, Mansory carbon interior

    Exterior: Mansory carbon bonnet, #Mansory carbon fuel cap, Mansory carbon a pillar, Mansory carbon front blade, Mansory side sigma, Mansory rear side mirror
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    The #2012 #Audi-R8-GT in Suzuka Matte Gray #Audi-R8-Typ-42 / #Audi-R8-V10 / #Audi-R8 / #Audi /

    About the car: This is a special edition race inspired version of the already potent #Audi-R8-V10-Typ-42 . With only 333 ever made and 90 coming to the United States, this is quite a special car for Audi. Powered by the Lamborghini Gallardo 5.2L V10, the GT pumps out 560HP/398ft lbs. Its AWD helps it to sprint to 60 in 3.5 seconds and tops out at 199mph. 180lbs lighter, more power, a fixed carbon wing, front splitters, and much much more help to make this by far the most exhilarating Audi I’ve ever driven.
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    AUDI R8 #V10 010 American Blend. This is the first Liberty Walk kitted R8 V10 in the world and we got the fappin’ exclusive!



    It’s pretty hard to believe, but the owner of this amazing R8, Sean Der, has only been modifying cars for a couple of years. Now, I’m not saying this particular Baltimore-based real estate mogul hasn’t always been something of a petrol head. In fact, he’s owned some of the sweetest driver’s cars ever to hit the streets, including RX-7s, BMW M3s, a couple of Nissan GT-Rs, another R8 V10 and a whole collection of Honda NSXs. Apparently these standard motors were just for “driving pleasure”. But we all know that sooner or later getting the hammer down on a regular basis can lead to only one thing – tuning. And that’s exactly how he ended up at his first show in late 2013.

    He had a properly tasty NSX at the time, his fourth one as it happens. Armed with a load of custom mechanical and turbo upgrades it made 539 horsepower at the wheels. But even Sean was surprised when it picked up its first of many Best in Show trophies. Understandably he wanted more and pretty soon he was to realise modifying cars is an addiction – once you pop, you just can’t stop.

    As for the NSX, after a mental FXMD wide body conversion and a satin white wrap, it was actually the last car to be featured on the cover of Import Tuner Magazine before Sean sold the car to pursue a new project. He even made a profit, but he admits it was a big mistake. The problem was, he learned just days later that the car had been approved for SEMA #2014 . But it was too late to get it back.

    Missing the event was to shape things to come though, and Sean was determined to build something extra special for the 2015 season. And that’s how we get to today. I guess the real point is, there’s only one thing to do when you’re a little late to the game – kick it up a notch. And Sean has certainly done that here, with massive supercar-shaped bells on.

    Not only is this the first Liberty Walk-kitted R8 V10 on the planet, but it’s only the second car in the world to have the whole lot seam-blended into the bodywork. And before you go thinking there’s no prizes for second place, the first car to get this treatment happens to be Sean’s other project – a rather fruity multi-show-winning Nissan GT-R. Talk about bossing it!

    It’s pretty obvious that there was a good reason Liberty Walk’s Kato-san chose Sean to showcase his brand new R8 kit at the world’s biggest automotive event. I’d imagine when a bloke like the crazy Japanese legend requests you get yourself an R8 and appear on his stand that’s exactly what you do – it’s not an opportunity you turn down.

    Still, that’s not to say things were easy. Kato-san and Sean shook hands back in July when Sean’s GT-R was picked to lead the parade at the Liberty Walk Summer Bash in Miami. Suffice to say that doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time to build a full-on show car or to find a suitable German base car.

    Luckily though Sean happens be to co-owner in #APAC (Auto Performance Aesthetics Center), the very customisation shop that put together his NSX. After being impressed by the impeccable workmanship of its owners Derrick Nowell and Sterling ‘Paco’ Duarte, and becoming firm friends, he decided to invest and use his expertise to expand the business.

    As well as a huge new facility, this expansion included a lot of extra curricular activities. After 6pm Sean’s cars get the company’s full attention, and that goes some way to explain why he’s got not one, but two of the most revered motors to ever hit SEMA. It has to be said the Derrick and Paco have an unrivalled eye for detail and something of a magic touch when it comes to cars, not to mention some huge trouser potatoes to go chopping up both of Sean’s supercars. As Sean says himself, “Once you cut, you can’t go back”. And it’s even more apparent when you’ve got one of only 10 limited edition Imola Yellow R8 V10s in the whole of North America. But then again it only took an angle grinder and a stack of skill to make this a limited edition of one. Besides, there’s no other way of fitting a Liberty Walk kit, and that probably helps make them so exclusive.

    As you’d imagine, the kit is perfectly installed around those massive custom-made RSV Forged dubs, which look like they weren’t exactly light on Sean’s wallet. The AirREX suspension package offers much the same premium-priced kudos. Admittedly tuning is limited to a Quicksilver exhaust and a spot of electronic wizardry from APR, but would you wanna race it? It is an R8 V10 with the same 540bhp engine you get in a Lamborghini after all.

    Perhaps what’s most important to the story though isn’t that it cost over 100K or has been built at the request of Kato-san in just a few months of manic evenings. It’s not even the fact that it’s got the first kit on an R8 V10. No, it’s that they’ve chosen to expertly blend a kit that was probably never designed for that kind of stuff in the first place. We’re getting kind of used to seeing riveted overfenders from the likes of LB Performance, Rocket Bunny and RWB but here you get all the raw Liberty Walk flavour done in a, dare I say it, more finished and totally polished way. You could almost call it European in execution. True it’s not a subtle car – saying that would be ridiculous. But there’s no denying that the blending adds another level of finesse to the whole deal. And a raceinspired, mentalist kitted supercar with an ultimate feeling of luxury and finesse can’t be an easy trick to pull off.

    TECH SPEC: #Audi-R8-V10 / #Audi-R8 / #Audi / #Audi-R8-Typ-42 / #Audi-R8-V10-Typ-42

    TUNING: Quicksilver exhaust system; #APR-Tuned .

    CHASSIS: 10 and 12x20in RSV #Forged RXV wheels with 245/30x20 and 325/25/20 Toyo Proxies and custom Toyo tyre stickers; #AirREX air ride system.

    EXTERIOR: Moulded Liberty Walk R8 kit; Limited edition Audi Imola Yellow with Glasurit 90 Line paint; custom decals; window tints.

    THANKS LB Performance; Derrick Nowell and Sterling ‘Paco’ Duarte at APAC; AirREX; Anthony Quang at RSV Forged; Leon Lee at Just Tint & Signs; Khris Uybengkee of KU Connection; Byron Mapp and Mo Nasir Iqbal.

    “A race-inspired, mentalist kitted supercar with an ultimate feeling of luxury and finesse”

    What makes it SEMA worthy?


    It might be the first R8 V10 kit on the streets, but instead of simply riveting it on Sean’s team have blended it perfectly into the bodywork. They still had to cut out more than a couple of inches of metalwork first though. Ouch. This kit is yours for the small matter of 15-grand. Double ouch.


    You can’t just slap on any old set of hoops for SEMA. Luckily these crazyspoked RSV Forged items were just the ticket to match the car’s awesome bodywork. These guys offer a whole collection of wicked designs available in just about any size or finish you can think of and they start at £790. If you’ve got a limited imagination they’ll even design ’em for you.


    The perfectly slammed chassis here is down to a whole new system provided by the guys at AirREX. What’s clever about AirREX gear is that it all comes pre-assembled in a ready-made box so all you need to do is fit the struts, plumb in the airlines and hook up some power. They’ve just started distributing in the UK too. Go check ’em out.

    My other car is…

    If there’s one other love of Sean’s life it’s his 711whp Nissan GT-R. This one is the car that so impressed Kato-san at the Liberty Walk Summer Bash and kicked off what’s bound to be plenty of bonkers supercar builds in the future. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this monster in FC very soon.

    If Bananaman was crossed with Batman, this would be his car.


    So, why build one car when you can do two, yeah? “Well, to be honest, this car would have never happened if I hadn’t have met Kato-san in Miami. When we decided to make an R8 to debut the kit at SEMA I knew I wanted to take the GT-R with it. So we ended up re-painting that specially for the show too.”

    Anything else up your sleeve? “Well I want to get back to my first tuning love, so I’ve started another NSX. I’m aiming for 1,000whp this time. I may have to ditch the R8 to fund it though.”

    The GT-R, R8 and now another NSX? I can’t keep up… “Yeah mate, that’s the general idea!”

    Carbon mirrors are standard on the V10!

    This is the first Liberty Walkkitted R8 V10 on the planet. Two banks of 5 = V10.
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    CAR: #2015 / #2016 #Audi-R8-V10-Plus test / #Audi-R8 / #Audi / #Audi-R8-Mk2

    Now in the autumn start of Audi R8 through in his second spring. After 27 000 cars sold, the second generation of the mid-engine sports car rolled to the starting line. First test of the R8 V10 Plus with 610 hp.

    COSTS: top model V10 Plus with 610bhp from 187 400 euros
    For sale: from now
    SEGMENT: supersport for road and circuit
    COMPETITORS: Porsche 911 Turbo S 991 / Lamborghini Huracán

    The colour of the bruises on his knees could vary depending on the curve tempos. Nimble highway bend or fleet motorway exit, and Zack, already had a centrifugal force recolored the knee to the inner lining again. Fluctuating from the R8 past. Now, a split second after relent, the knee nestle on leathered pillows that Audi optionally builds on the door trim and centre console immediately. Welcome to the new #Audi-R8-V10 Plus. Thanks "Stippi" - the idea for the new upholstery comes from none other than the #Nordschleife Profi and Audi factory driver #Frank-Stippler .

    Just do not cut off: V10!

    But instead Nordschleife states today highways in the Swabian Alb. On the first few meters immediately falls on the significantly improved ergonomics in the R8-interior. While you had to squeeze as on a barstool at the Alcantara headliner in the predecessor model up, now drivers fit from 1.85 meters height thanks to low mounted seats easily in the mid-engine sports.

    Quick stop again and walk to the rear. Yeah, it is luckily still there, probably the most beautiful showcase of sports car construction. A pleasure for the minute free-sucking 5.2-liter V10 under the sight glass - rear window insert, while his style is not completely eradicated. Saddles sit, and further - instead of 550 now 610 horses waiting.

    Activate Launch Control and fire the projectile means motor under full load. Runs. Rumbling V10 primal, satisfying 3.2 seconds to 100. With a monstrously powerful traction of the R8 V10 Plus eats the asphalt and confirmed by the way its factory specification. Whether automatic or manual mode, with fast and jerk-free gear changes makes the dual-clutch transmission now finally the tough switching pause early R8 models forget.

    Always could be posing and straight fast the four-wheel drive, but in addition to the improved ergonomics he scores now with its driving dynamics. Previously, as one of the R8 in serpentine or on the racetrack with large steering angles knotted like arms. Player feedback is definitely different. Even small steering wheel movements he is now spontaneously. Immediately works here now any hydraulic but electro-mechanical power steering. Our test car wags the optional dynamic steering around the corner. Compared to the standard steering it can, depending on the application, more directly and with less steering angle act. Speed varies depending on their superposition gear, the gear ratio between 10.0: 1 and 17.5: 1, or else: between sporty and suitable for everyday use-comfortable.

    The new multifunction sport steering wheel is reminiscent with all its buttons, switches and buttons on almost the equivalent of an Italian sports car brand with jumping horses. In addition to the red start button is found here, the button for the well-known of all Audi models Dynamics Control. The four driving modes Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual affect the characteristics of the accelerator pedal, steering, transmission, all-wheel drive and the optional sports exhaust system. Increased driving dynamics An entirely new feature hides behind the rotary pushbutton controller with Start Flag icon. In Maranello they would call him "Manettino".

    At Audi there is behind the so-called Performance mode. In Performance mode, the R8 sharpens his senses wheel for optimum traction, while the steering ratio speed independently in sporting 13:1 remains.

    In addition, the mid-engine sports enthusiasts goes into the ESC-Sport mode and adjusts its ESC control particularly sporty driving style. With the programs "dry", "wet" and "snow" the pilot can also tune the R8 on the respective coefficient of friction of the track conditions.

    Click, click, click - we choose "dry" for the dry road. Thanks to the precise steering and traction of the new rich-wheel drive, the corners of his mouth twitch faster to earlobe height than the previous. Instead of a viscous coupling now provides a hydraulically controlled multi-plate clutch within a few milliseconds even more spontaneous for variable distribution of drive torques between the front and rear axle.

    Nordschleife, 13 quickly before the boundary of the R8 is plumbed on the highway sec, grab more to the handcuffs. Who wants to know the actual limits of the 1.6-tonner, Swabian Alb must exchange them Nordschleife. A short number, to sort what Audi's developers have done: Our sister magazine sport auto has moved out a lead of 13 seconds on the previous V10 Plus 2013 on the legendary Eifel Piste.

    During the first R8 in the border area to the notorious sub Teuerern counted and more sensitively responded to load changes, convinced the second series with higher Vorderachsgrip, more direct steering behaviour and increased driving stability. However, mid-engined Typical load change movements around the vertical axis can not take very well the new R8.

    Something sensitivity in everyday life also demand mounted on our test car optional Michelin Cup tyres, which naturally require a certain temperature until they reach their enormous grip. With brake values of 32.6 meters from 100 kmh, 127 meters from the Tempo 200 equipped as standard with PCCB V10 Plus then takes place in the sports car Champions League.

    Who uses the R8 is not on the circuit, but primarily as a fun unit on the highway or to drive to the office, should rely on the standard summer tires from Pirelli P Zero, who give themselves willing to compromise in terms of wet and dry grip and ruts vulnerability.

    No problem, today, at early autumn sunshine comeback. So once again left to pluck the rocker and animate the ragged appealing V10 heart of a passage deeper into a new high-speed stanza. Three, two, one, mine? No problem, as the football governing but also in the sportscar Champions League hefty admission fees. The for the Audi R8 V10 Plus will be more than 187 400 euros.

    32.6 metres stopping distance from 62MPH (100 kmh). With its delaying the R8 V10 Plus at the sports car is on the front line 1st readings on this page.

    Camouflage and deception: What is the colour that makes the R8 to the stealth bomber?

    Super athlete with significantly improved driving dynamics compared to the predecessor. Convinced not only on the race track, but also with everyday practicality.


    "The new R8 with more direct steering response convinced than its predecessor"

    Everything is new: instrument panel, multifunction steering wheel and improved seating position thanks to low-mounted sports seats.

    By pressing a button, either friendly or neighbourly hot-blooded rocking: optional sports exhaust system.

    The suspension springs surprisingly suitable for everyday use, even without the active suspension optional.

    Platform and sisters: The mid-engined Lambo hot racing Lady and R8 only wallflower? That was once!
    ‏ — at Nordschleife, 68642 Bürstadt, Germany
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    Road test #2016 #Audi-R8-V10-Plus / #Audi-R8-V10 / #Audi-R8 / #Audi / #Audi-R8

    Every new #Drive-MY car that matters, reviewed and rated Audi has a hit and miss reputation with its high performance models. Has this all-new R8 managed to retain the magic of the original? Fingers crossed… Photography: Malcolm Griffiths.

    The #Audi-R8-Mk2 has come an awfully long way. When the original version arrived back in 2007 it was powered by a 4.2-litre V8 pushing out 309kW. With a list price starting from $259,900, it was aimed squarely at the sports car heartland, a direct rival to the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 991. As it happened, this magazine judged the Audi to be the superior car.

    Two years later the V10 model arrived, then the V10 Plus. The R8 was coming of age, but with the introduction of this new, second generation model, it now occupies a more grown-up space. With 449kW and a top speed of 330km/h, the range-topping model qualifies as a big-league supercar, no questions asked. Pricing has come a fair way, too — the new Plus is predicted to cost just shy of $400k when it arrives in Australia in the second quarter of 2016. But perhaps the biggest point of difference between this generation and the last is that there is now no V8 option. The range starts with the 397kW, non-Plus V10 model, which will be a much more potent and more expensive device than the old V8. Suddenly, the R8 entry point is more Porsche 911 Turbo 991 than 911 Carrera.

    Regardless of specification, the R8 has always been an Drive-MY favourite, so the new model arrives under the weight of great expectation. You’ll reach your own conclusions about the looks, but to my eyes the angular design language works better in the real world than it does on the page or a motor show stand, although the pointed black grilles that prop up the front and rear lights look clunky, as though they’ll age badly. However, in fetching Ara Blue and with the carbonfibre side blades and rear wing that come as part of the Plus upgrade, this R8 does not want for presence.

    The big news in technical terms is the structure, which now incorporates carbonfibre for reduced weight and added rigidity. The engineers have used the lightweight material in those areas where strength was needed in one direction only (otherwise the weight saving benefits of carbonfibre are lost), such as the rear bulkhead and transmission tunnel. In total, 13 per cent of the base structure is carbonfibre, the rest aluminium. Audi claims it is 40 per cent stiffer than the old structure and 15 per cent lighter, too, which has contributed to a modest weight saving of 15kg over the old car. The technological improvements extend to the drivetrain, too, with a new quattro all-wheel-drive system that can distribute all of its torque to either axle in extreme conditions.

    Drive is further apportioned between the rear wheels by a locking differential. The seven-speed dual clutch S-tronic gearbox – now the only option – has been tweaked to return quicker, sharper changes. Carbon ceramic brakes are standard on the V10 Plus but optional on the regular V10.

    There are a handful of significant optional features – all specified on this test car – which are worth mentioning, too. The first is Dynamic Steering, which caused such Consternation when the Lamborghini Huracán – with which this R8 shares the technology – arrived last year. The system adjusts the steering ratio to switch between offering low-speed manoeuvrability and high-speed stability. Next there is Audi Magnetic Ride, which gives the driver a choice of damper settings. This is accessed via the Drive Select function, which also adjusts the gearbox, all-wheel-drive, steering, engine and exhaust parameters. Finally, there’s a new Performance Mode function (standard on the V10 Plus), which offers three settings for the stability control system–Dry, Wet and Snow.

    The cabin quality is very good indeed and the driving position would be perfect but for the seat being mounted fractionally too high. In Comfort mode the ride quality is just about as cosseting as you could expect of amid-engined supercar, and with the gearbox in automatic mode and the exhaust knocked back into its quieter setting, the R8 is relaxed and refined. If you need no more than two seats and the reasonable storage space offered by the front boot, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use an R8 daily, as our own Richard Meaden found with his previous-gen V10 Plus long-termer.

    The technical details of the 5.2-litre, ten-cylinder engine Are mouth-watering: 449kW at 8250rpm, 560Nm at 6500rpm and a maximum crank speed of 8700rpm.

    Similarly, the performance figures speak for themselves: 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds and 330km/h flat-out. This engine is an utter joy. At a time when rivals are switching to turbocharging, the naturally aspirated V10’s instant response, rich, serrated bark and top-end intensity are something to savour. The level of performance is alarming and the S-tronic gearbox now shifts with the immediacy of the very best transmissions.

    Our misgivings about Dynamic Steering remain, though, because when you nudge the R8 up to the limit of its dynamic abilities, there’s very little useful interaction between car and driver. Quite often during our test drive I find the front axle washing wide without having had any indication that it’s about to let go. Short of the limit it actually does a good job of linking man and machine. On initial turn-in there is no slack in the steering whatsoever and the response from the front end is absolutely immediate, as though the steering input and response is a single, cohesive action. It gives the car a sense of precision and agility, but I do hope the conventional system is more communicative when you really need to know how much is in reserve.

    The suppleness of the old car over an uneven surface remains, although on the few broken sections we find during the launch in Portugal there’s reason to believe the stiffer suspension mode will be too much for many of Australia’s back roads. Nonetheless, the R8 is still tautly controlled in its relaxed damper setting, with the body diving and rolling enough under braking and in cornering to paint a clear picture of how hard the chassis is working. Steering aside, this is a natural and intuitive car to thread down a road.

    In dynamic terms the biggest point of difference between new car and old is sheer grip. The R8 travels through a series of phases as you push harder and harder. Initially, the car feels as though it’ll grip infinitely, then it settles into a window of understeer as you approach the limit. The trick to smashing through this window is weight transfer. Enter a corner hard on the brakes and the weight moves forward, which shifts the point of balance forwards. This helps provoke the rear end and trim out understeer. With the car rotating about the apex it then pays to reapply the power very early indeed, which will just about get the rear axle over-rotating to sling the car away from the corner in a neutral shape, rather than in a frustrating mess of power understeer.

    Much the same was true of the original R8, but the issue now is that the all-wheel-drive system and chassis are so effective that you really do need to be motoring along very hard indeed to access that lovely window of adjustability and engagement. The old car would invite you in at more reasonable speeds. If you don’t drag the new car onto that plane, you might be left thinking it a touch aloof and distant – a trait it shares with the Hurácan.

    On track, however, where the chassis loadings are naturally much higher, the R8 still feels sweetly balanced and hugely adjustable, both on and off the throttle. There is still a great deal to be learnt about this R8, not least how it feels without Dynamic Steering, on standard suspension and on local roads. Until it proves itself to be fun and involving at more accessible speeds and more communicative through its steering, it is denied the full five stars.

    You need to be motoring very hard indeed to access that lovely window of adjustability.

    Above: with the V8 gone, the R8 is now available exclusively with Audi’s 5.2-litre V10; cylinder deactivation makes for 30 MPG 12.3-litres/100km combined. Right: carbonfibre rear diffuser worthy of Audi’s first 330km/h production car.

    + Timeless drivetrain, huge performance, usability
    - Needs to be driven hard to really engage

    Drive-MY rating 5+
    ENGINE: 5204cc V10, dohc, 40 valves dual-injection #V10
    TRANSMISSION: Seven-speed dual-clutch auto, four-wheel drive with rear LSD
    POWER: 602bhp (449kW DIN) @ 8250rpm
    TORQUE: 413lb ft (560Nm DIN) @ 6500rpm
    PERFORMANCE: 0-62mph (0-100km/h) 3.2sec (claimed)
    TOP SPEED: 205mph (330km/h) (claimed)
    WEIGHT: 1555kg (289kW/tonne)
    BASIC PRICE: UK £137,500 (AU c$400,000)
    CONSUMPTION: 30MPG (12.3-litres/100km)

    Top left: 12.3-inch ‘Virtual Cockpit’ TFT display can switch between prioritising dials and navigation. Top right: carbon ceramic brakes are standard on the Plus. Pictured wheels are optional 20-inchers; 19s are standard. Above: exhaust and stability control settings can be changed from the steering wheel.

    In dynamic terms the biggest point of difference between new car and old is sheer grip.
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    Jay Leno
    JON OLSSON’S #Audi-R8-V10

    Carbon Razor GTR

    The special edition of the special edition – welcome to the 710bhp brainchild of PPI and Jon Olsson. The term ‘special edition’ gets thrown around an awful lot these days. With manufacturers desperately trying to eke out the last bit of profit from premium models, it seems a special edition can mean as little as a flashy badge and a set of wheels.

    Thankfully the world of aftermarket tuning takes a much more thorough approach to this, as perfectly demonstrated by PPI. No, these aren’t the guys responsible for those annoying insurance adverts, but instead an #Audi - exclusive tuning operation from the Bavarian town of Stuttgart. And we all know the German’s don’t mess around when it comes to tuning!

    Since 2004, #PPI (otherwise known as Precision Performance Individuality) has quickly established themselves as one of the world’s leading Audi tuners. From wind tunnel testing to F1-grade carbon fibre, PPI don’t cut corners when developing every upgrade. In fact, as a member of the German Car Modification Companies, PPI have to meet strict quality and safety guidelines before releasing a product. You won’t see any wood screws or filler holding a car together here…

    One of their most infamous cars is the Razor GTR Audi R8. Limited to just 10 models worldwide, PPI opted for the tried and tested method of ‘less weight, more power’ shaving 250kg from the bodywork and boosting the V10’s power. Factor in the strict German tuning laws and this super-lairy #Audi-R8 is even more impressive. The Razor GTR is a proper special edition. But for one person it wasn’t quite special enough. Step forward professional skier (and Internet superstar) Jon Olsson – the original owner of the Razor GTR pictured here. Instantly recognizable by its monstrous rear wing and functional roofbox, Olsson’s Razor GTR is further customized and is as exclusive as it gets… limited to just one.

    But the keys to this unique car are now in new hands, residing in good ol’ Blighty of all places. Time to take a closer look at just what makes this unique motor so special!

    PPI’s idea of a power increase just wasn’t enough for Mr. Olsson, hiking the 601bhp output another 100bhp with the help of a VFEngineering supercharger kit. Nestled in the banks of the rangetopping V10 engine, the supercharger adds a distinctive howl to the soundtrack provided by a titanium PPI exhaust. Everything about this car is excess; the power, the sound, the width and the carbon. To say it’s an experience driving the car is an understatement, and from the smiles on other motorists’ faces, it’s a welcome addition to the British landscape.

    Tasked with re-commissioning the wildest R8 onto the UK roads were tuning specialists Regal Autosport. Based in Southampton, Regal are no strangers to AudiTuner Magazine, with a supercharged R8 having previously graced these pages. The new owner of Olsson’s Razor GTR was already a Regal Auto customer, boasting a custom-painted V10 R8 Spyder tucked away in his garage. It was this confidence in the supercharged V10 lump which allowed him to not think twice about purchasing Olsson’s PPI creation.

    Chris Stewart, owner of Regal Autosport, explains “The supercharger kit turns an R8 from a capable GT car into a much more serious supercar contender’” The standard Audi V10 is no slouch, but with 700bhp on tap and 250kg reduced from the weight, this R8 is firmly in the hypercar territory. “The acceleration is relentless,” adds Chris. “There’s so much power in reserve. PPI quote a 0-60mph sprint in just 3.2sec for the 601bhp version. This model is over 700bhp, so go figure!”

    But that’s not something Chris is keen on demonstrating too often. “Every panel of the #Audi-R8-Razor-GTR is unique to the 10 models, and this is number 003.” PPI have re imagined the R8’s bodylines with aggressive carbon fibre aero parts as far as the eye can see. But these aren’t just for show or even weight loss – each panel is wind tunnel tested by PPI to provide additional down force and reduce lift where possible. Even that huge ski-box is slimline and flush mounted to reduce drag.

    Open the door and the bespoke nature of this build continues. Every interior panel is finished in a unique red and black Alcantara, from the dashboard and headlining, to the figure-hugging seats. What’s more, as the star of the 2012 Gumball Rally, this Razor GTR has had numerous stars clamber across that beautiful interior – a testament to the PPI build quality given how fresh it still looks. That’s the real test of a special edition model – not how crazy it looks, but how well it stands up over time.

    If you get lucky enough to see this rare beast out on the road, pinch yourself, because the most famous R8 in the world now resides on these shores. Just don’t try and race it…

    Top: Roof box is nuts Above: 1 of just 10 ever made.


    The #2012 #Audi-R8-V10-VF-Engineering
    Engine 5.0 FSI V10, #VF-Engineering Supercharger System with Sterman Motorsport Catless headers
    Power 720hp and Torque 530lb/ft (estimated) Transmission #S-tronic .
    Brakes Carbon ceramics
    Psi Raceline/Ohlins Suspension with 2-way race dampers
    Wheels and Tyres
    20in ADV.1 wheels
    Exterior Full #PPI #Razor-GTR spec carbon bodywork, comprising front and rear bumpers, sideskirts, wheel arches, bonnet, roof, rear engine cover, bespoke carbon roof box.
    Interior Full carbon and Alcantara PPI interior upgrades Tuning contacts Regal Auto


    Aside from being a bit of an Internet celebrity, 32-year-old Jon Olsson is actually a pretty talented skier. He holds nine Winter X-Games medals, won the US Free Skiing Open, Red Bull Big Air and World Superpipe Championship, to name but a few achievements. The Swedish athlete is even responsible for inventing a range of double flips and generally being quite talented on snow.

    As a man who loves all things extreme, it’s no surprise the standard Audi R8 wasn’t wild enough for him, resulting in the Razor GTR featured here. Oh and his current project? A DTM-inspired, 950bhp Audi RS6 twin-turbo V8 – as featured in AudiTuner last issue.

    “Acceleration is relentless, there’s so much power in reserve”

    “The supercharger kit turns the R8 into a much more serious contender”

    This crazy R8 is dripping with carbon fibre and high end kit – definitely not for the shy or feint hearted!
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    THE ALL NEW AUDI R8 #2015 NEW PRICE RANGE £119,500 - £137,500

    Finally, the new R8 has been unveiled. Here’s everything you need to know about Audi’s latest super car…

    The original R8 was always going to be tough act to follow. In the same way that the Mk1 TT set the benchmark, Audi’s super car replacement had to be something special. First off, let’s address the looks. This is the one thing that R8 fans have been concerned about – would the new car lose some of the original’s magic.

    Well, on the face of it, like the progression from Mk1 to Mk2 TT, #Audi has played it pretty safe. The new car is more angular and has the current ‘family’ look to it (especially at the front), but it clearly shares its DNA with the original.

    It looks lower and wider, with deeper side air intakes, giving it a more muscular appearance. The door handles are now recessed under the side strakes for a cleaner look. At the front, the grille in particular, has the aggressive sneer of the latest TT and there are purposeful looking intakes below the headlights. The lights themselves use laser technology to produce what is said to be truly amazing clarity at night. To the rear, the back end appears neater and more compact than before, although it could be argued it lacks some of the drama of the original. The regular V10 has a popup wing, while the Plus model gets a fixed carbon fibre unit.

    For the first time, 20in alloys are an option, as are carbon ceramic brakes (standard on the Plus).

    Based on the lightweight and highly rigid Huracan platform, the R8 is lighter and stronger than its predecessor. The monocoque makes it 40-percent stiffer too. Because of this, the suspension has been completely redesigned with a more forgiving bias.

    Perhaps the biggest improvement is the interior. Open the wide door and you’re greeted with a fantastic looking cabin. The low slung layout hasn’t changed, but everything feels much higher quality than before – equal to that of any other high-end Audi. The big news is the new TFT screen. It’s the same unit that was launched in the Mk3 TT – a stunning system that gives the driver full control over what they view on the instrument binnacle. It’s all nicely laid out, minimalist and extremely well screwed together.

    The #Audi-R8 will be available with the V10 powerplant in two states of tune – 533bhp regular and 602bhp Plus. The Plus will hit 0-62mph in 3.2sec and go on to a top speed of 205mph. It will be available with the twin-clutch #S-tronic gearbox only, which delivers lightening fast shifts. Some may miss the classic manual with its exposed ‘click-clack’ gate, but so few buyers specced the manual that its days were always going to be numbered.

    The standard #Audi-R8-V10 will cost £119,500 with the V10 Plus, yours for £137,500, with a Spyder version to follow, probably next year. There are unconfirmed rumours that a smaller capacity (possibly forced induction) engine may join the line up, but at this stage it’s pure speculation.

    Given the epic noise and shove produced by the V10, it’s hard to see Audi changing the winning formula.

    Overall, then, it appears that the new R8 is better in every way. Turn the page to see what it’s like to drive...

    R8 E-TRON

    Although the petrol-powered R8s are gong to be the big sellers, Audi also unveiled the stunning e-tron version. This fully electric #Audi-R8-E-Tron is packing two motors which drive the rear wheels. The 92 kW battery is integrated into the central tunnel, behind the passenger compartment for optimum weight distribution. With a combined output of 456bhp and a whopping 679lb/ft of torque, the e-tron can hit 62mph from rest in just 3.9sec. Top speed is reduced, as you’d expect, with a full electric car, with 155mph available. Impressively, it has a range of 276 miles and a charge time of less than two hours.

    “The 602bhp #Audi-R8-Plus will hit 0-62mph in 3.2sec”

    If anything, the e-tron looks even better than the regular petrol-powered cars, with its flat nose (no need for cooling airflow), drag reducing wheels with carbon fibre inserts, and that large bonnet scoop. There are also banks of LED lights front and rear. The futuristic styling is designed to make the #Audi-R8-Mk2 as slippery as possible to minimise drag. It just so happens to look awesome! Prices are yet to be confirmed but the e-tron will be available to order later this year…
    • Audi used Geneva to unveil the new incarnation of the R8. Redesigned from the ground up and now featuring two versions of the 5.2-litre V10 FSI engineAudi used Geneva to unveil the new incarnation of the R8. Redesigned from the ground up and now featuring two versions of the 5.2-litre V10 FSI engine, one producing 540PS and another pushing 610PS, both are hooked up to a sevenspeed S tronic transmission. The new model is lighter than the outgoing one too, up to 50kg according to the blurb, which no doubt helps the 610PS version go from 0 to 62mph in 3.2 seconds, 0 to 124mph in 9.9 seconds, and hit a top speed of 205mph. It’s green too, kind of, as it features Cylinder on Demand for the first time too. It’s the new looks we’re not sure on though, we’re not convinced the new sharper lines look better than the old model. Still, with prices starting at £119,500 for the smaller 540PS version and £137,500 for the quicker one, we’re sure our opinions don’t matter one bit!  More ...
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