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Tuned 560hp supercharged, custom metal wide-body BMW M5 E39
Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
Full House Astonishing, 560hp supercharged, custom metal wide-body, one-off E39 M5 will blow your mind. 560hp supercharged, custom metal wide-body E39 M5. With a custom metal wide-body, an incredible custom interior and a supercharger making 560hp, t
BMW M5 E39 market watch
Sunday, 18th Feb 2018
The supply of affordable E39 M5s is starting to dwindle so, if you’ve always fancied owning one of these V8-engined super-saloons, then now’s the time to act. The V8-engined E39 M5 has long been a favourite of ours, but the supply of affordable examp
BMW M5 E39 Full Buying Guide
Saturday, 17th Feb 2018
BMW E39 M5 Buying Full guide to this affordable super-saloon Buying guide: E39 M5 It’s a super-saloon for Mondeo money, but what are the snags? We spill the beans on this iconic M car. Understated excellence With the E39 M5 regarded by many as one of
BMW 540i E39 – whith Jaguar-Eaton Blower tuned 386bhp
Monday, 6th Mar 2017
Charged BMW 540i E39 – whit Jaguar-Eaton Blower. A BMW heart infused with Jaguar blood results in one ferocious supercharged E39 540i that fears nothing... Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Andy Starkey.
Buying Guide BMW E39 six-cylinder petrol models
Saturday, 21st May 2016
It might be 20-years-old but the E39 is still a great machine. Lauded in its day for being the ‘Best Car In The World’ the E39 Five can still be an excellent used buy whether you’re after a cheap 520i to use as a runaround or a last-of-the-line 530i