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How to almost crash an Jaguar XJ220
Sunday, 26th Jan 2020
The many performance cars in this issue reminds me of the time in 1990 when I came very close to crashing the first, handmade, unpainted prototype of the road-going version of the XJ220 (called 001).
Jaguar XJ220 comparisons 1988 Concept vs. pre-production road car
Sunday, 27th Jan 2019
Jaguar XJ220 examined we compare original concept with road car. We study the original 1988 concept against a pre-production road car, spotting all the detail changes between the two XJ220. Words: Ian Seabrook. Pics: Matt Richardson.
Epic Restorations 1989 Jaguar XJ220
Sunday, 24th Sep 2017
Crash-test wreck made perfect. Epic Restorations 1989 Jaguar XJ220 Based on Jaguar Sport’s crash test dummy, this project was a real jigsaw. ‘We had to turn the shell upside down to replace the floor’. This Jaguar XJ220 was the MIRA crash-test car. D