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2020 AC Schnitzer ACL2S F22 - 400bhp tuned monster BMW M240i-based
Tuesday, 5th Nov 2019
To celebrate its 30th anniversary AC Schnitzer pledged to build 30 special cars based on the F22 or F23 M240i. We drive not only the first ever ACL2S – the Essen Motor Show car itself – but also the only one in the UK... Words: Simon Jackson. Photogr
Twin-turbo 1000hp Chevrolet LSX376 V8-engined BMW M2 F87
Friday, 9th Mar 2018
Built to go drifting and with 1000hp from its twin-turbo V8, this M2 is an unholy creation that unleashes fi re and fury on all and sundry, and we love it. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Patrik Karlsson.
2017 BMW M240i Coupé LCI F22 First drive
Wednesday, 6th Sep 2017
If it ain’t broke… Matt Robinson samples the updated BMW M240i, and is left wondering who still thinks they absolutely must have an M2?
2017 AC Schnitzer ACL2S - 400hp tuned BMW M240i F22
Wednesday, 14th Jun 2017
What a treat! New Car Test.  After being blown away by last year’s Schnitzer ACL2 show car, Bob Harper gets his excited hands on the extremely desirable, limited-edition ACL2S Photography: Dave Smith.
Tech focus BMW M2 F87 Exhaust Upgrades
Wednesday, 14th Dec 2016
  Tech Focus: M2 Exhausts We look at some of the choices available to those wanting more noise from their M2. If you’re lucky enough to own the new M2, you’ll perhaps be considering a few subtle enhancements. First for many is an exhaust upgrade