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  •   Matt Petrie reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Car #Jaguar-XK140-Fixed-Head-Coupé
    Year of manufacture #1955
    Recorded mileage 88,127
    Asking price £69,950
    Vendor Runnymede Motor Co, Burnham Beeches, Bucks;

    WHEN #Jaguar-XK140-FHC WAS NEW

    Price £1616 2s 6d
    Max power 210bhp
    Max torque 213lb ft
    0-60mph 11 secs
    Top speed 129mph
    Mpg 20

    This smart left-hooker #XK has recently been sprayed, by a #Bentley and R-R specialist, because the paint was lifting after it was done in 2011. It was originally exported to Canada and repatriated in 1991, being mostly in Scotland since then, and barely used judging by the #SORN applications and old MoTs confirming limited mileages. Bills for things such as not starting and seized brakes help to confirm that at times it’s had little use.

    As an SE it’s fitted with overdrive, the so-called #C-type cylinder head and bucket seats. It also sports a period Motorola pushbutton radio (with twin speakers cut into the rear panel) and a Moto-Lita wood-rim wheel.

    Door fit is pretty close for an XK, the paint is excellent as you’d expect and the chrome is all good save for some pickling on the reverse light plinth. The tyres are fresh Blockleys on new-looking chrome wires, the same on the spare except that the wheel is painted. The chassis looks very solid, with newish stainless-steel exhaust, fuel pump and pipes. Inside, the hide doesn’t look very old and is holding up well, with a few scrapes on the door trims from the window winders. The dash veneer is good, but the ammeter doesn’t appear to work and neither does the radio. The motor is tidy with no major leaks, just the usual small drips from the rear main and the sump plug. The coolant is full and blue, while the oil dark and between levels, and there’s a Pacet electric fan fitted.

    It starts instantly on the button, so the electric choke is working. Oil pressure is 40psi warm and temperature steady at 70ºC – what you want to see. The steering is fluid with no slop, but it feels as if it’s following every road imperfection. This could be due to the tyres, which had been standing. The gearchange is slick for an XK, with instant overdrive on top. Its brakes are firm, with enough bite to lock the wheels on damp roads. Sold with spare keys, a lubrication chart and an MoT current until March.

    SUMMARY #Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupé

    Straight and recently repainted.

    Nice leather trim and veneers; just a few scrapes on door trims.

    Sorted, after recent fettling.

    VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

    For + A great-looking example that goes and handles well.
    Against - Tall drivers will struggle to get into the cockpit.

    SHOULD I BUY #Jaguar-XK140 ?

    It ticks all the right boxes and it’s in its original configuration. Have a proper feel of it first, though.
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  • #Jaguar-XK150
    Run by Graeme Hurst
    Owned since January 2005
    Total mileage 72.705
    Miles since May report 324
    Latest costs £43


    Great roads and wonderful weather continue to inspire outings in the #XK here in the Cape. Recent trips included a rewarding drive to the Crankhandle Club monthly meet, another to take in a hike on Blouberg Beach and the scenic sight of Table Mountain, and a third to the Stellenbosch Winelands region for a braai (BBQ) with some mates.

    But my enjoyment hasn’t been limited to the road. In late July, local classic car specialist Crossley & Webb invited me to share my Jaguar experiences, both with the XK and other iconic examples I’ve been lucky enough to drive, at one of its quarterly Storyteller evenings.

    And the XK got to take centre stage as part of a red, white and blue theme as it went on display with an Old English White 140 Roadster and a Dark Blue 150 Drophead, although the bright lights highlighted the ‘patina’ on the car’s bodywork, now 20-plus years and some 50,000 miles post restoration.

    Having the #Jaguar XK on show forced me to sort one or two cosmetic details, including replacing the Furflex trim that runs across the top of the windscreen. The one on the car had lost its ‘grip’ and would frustratingly drop down in front of me at speed. Supplier of all things trim, Woolies came to the rescue with 3m of Furflex in the correct dark blue hue, along with a set of metal clips to hold it in place. Other fettling included some preparation for summer with an upgrade on the cooling front. While the XK was at specialist Guy Broad for its right-hand-drive pre-export conversion last year, Broad had commented that the standard cooling fan may fill short in Africa’s climate. He dispatched a bolt-on upgrade kit based on a fan from the engine of a large European auto- maker.

    At a glance it looks very' similar - apart from being largely of plastic construction - but is much lighter (700g vs 1.2kg) and will give the water pump bearings a break. But a close look reveals that the blade spacing and pitch varies. No doubt that’s thanks to a six-figure R&D budget, but it clearly paid off - at idle there’s sufficient airflow over the front of the engine to blow your fringe back. Roll on summer!

    • Crossley 6 Webb: 0027 21462 3558: crossley-webb. com
    • Guy Broad Parts: 01676 541980; uk
    • Woolies: 01778 347347: uk
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  • Brett Fraser created this group

    Jaguar XK-series Club

    Jaguar XK-series Club
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