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  •   Andy Everett commented on this post about 3 years ago
    FIRST LOOK by DAN PROSSER / #Pagani-Huayra-Roadster / #Pagani-Huayra / #Pagani / #Mercedes-AMG-M158 / #2017 / #V12

    More power and less weight for Pagani’s new topless hypercar. Six years after launching the Huayra hypercar, Pagani has shown off the new Roadster at the Geneva motor show. The Pagani Huayra Roadster will launch with a substantial set of upgrades over the hardtop including a more powerful V12 engine and revised gearbox.

    Perhaps most surprisingly, however, the Roadster actually represents an 80kg weight saving over the coupe, achieved through the refinement of its #Carbo-Titanium tub and a significant 25 per cent weight reduction in the glorious suspension. As such the new Roadster should outperform its hardtop sibling whilst dramatically improving on its posing ability.

    Featuring an uprated version of the #Mercedes-AMG sourced M158 twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 engine, the Huayra Roadster produces 562kW and “over” 1000Nm. The turbochargers have been re-engineered to provide more immediate throttle response, while dry sump lubrication should keep the motor happy even under extreme lateral loads.

    Pagani has paired their upgraded engine to a new #X-Trac developed 7-speed automated manual gearbox, improving refinement and response, while still undercutting an equivalent dual-clutch gearbox in weight by as much as 40 percent. Pagani says that this is the ideal solution for the Roadster, especially as it was the will of Mr Pagani himself for the Roadster to undercut the coupe’s kerb weight.

    Featuring two different roof systems, the carbonfibre and glass hardtop is supplemented by a folding fabric soft roof, which can be stored in the car to ensure a passing rainstorm doesn’t soil the glorious interior. Speaking of which, Pagani has largely left the interior intact, although a notable change is the inclusion of a red starter button in place of the previous Huayra shaped keyhole, which incidentally made it look like a tiny Pagani had crashed into your dashboard.

    “The pursuit of beauty as a fundamental concept, an unbridled work of art, intelligence and open-air passion.” Horatio Pagani

    The Pagani Huayra Roadster is priced from 2.28 million (or around $3.2 million Australia dollars), but even if you have a spare few million lying around you are too late as all 100 Roadsters have already been sold. Customer deliveries are expected to kick off later this year.


    1 INTERIOR Compared to the coupe, only minimal changes were made to the customisable interior. If you can dream it up, and have the pocket depth to cover it, Pagani will oblige. Ostrich leather in any cover and diamondencrusting are available.

    2 ROOF The glass and carbon hardtop is supplemented by a fabric roof. Despite chopping off the lid, the Roadster is actually both lighter and more torsionally rigid than the Huayra coupe. In fact, it's 52 per cent more rigid than the Zonda Roadster.

    3 ENGINE #AMG builds the #M158 6.0-litre twin-tubrocharged #V12 to Pagani's specifications. For the Roadster, the mighty engine produces 562kW at 6200rpm and more than 1000Nm from just 2400rpm. New turbos mean sharper response times.
    • Gorgeous. It took a few years but the updates Pagani made to the front fascia along with the almost dragon looking engine cover and humps behind theGorgeous. It took a few years but the updates Pagani made to the front fascia along with the almost dragon looking engine cover and humps behind the seats makes such a huge difference. I wasn't crazy about the way the first gen Huayra looked after the outgoing Zonda had been so aggressive looking. Now, we're getting back into that angry Zonda look and I like it.  More ...
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