Manufacturer FIAT Production 1966–1973 Designer Pininfarina (Spider) Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone (Coupe) The FIA...
Manufacturer FIAT
Production 1966–1973
Designer Pininfarina (Spider)
Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone (Coupe)

The FIAT Dino (Type 135) is an exotic front-engined, rear-drive sports car manufactured between 1966 and 1973. It was an intermediate step towards creating Ferrari's "Dino" and the two are often confused. The Fiat Dino allowed Ferrari to achieve the necessary production numbers to homologate Alfredo Ferrari's (better known by his nickname of "Dino") V6 engine for Formula 2 racing. The FIAT Dino Spider was introduced at Turin Motor Show 1966 and Coupe version one year later at the Geneva Motorshow.
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  • 1968 #Fiat-Dino-Coupe. Originally registered in Milan, this immaculate #Fiat was exported to the United States at some point in the '80s. There's a 1986 Massachusetts sticker in the windscreen, which might explain the rather odd 'age-related' numberplate. The engine was rebuilt and then the car was stored until 2012, when it was carefully fired up having had the oil pump primed. It was then exported to the UK and first registered here in 2013.

    The bodywork is in fantastic condition, with well-defined sill joints and corrosion-free floorpans. The paintwork is new with an even finish, although the odd sub-surface preparation mark is visible in the panel shuts. The brightwork is generally smart, too, apart from a couple of minuscule scratches on the rear bumper and a small ding in the front rail that could probably be improved, it being stainless steel.

    Year of manufacture #1968
    Recorded mileage 83,430km
    Asking price £44,995
    Vendor Cheshire Classic Cars, near Chester; tel: 01244 529500; cheshireclassiccars. co. uk

    Price special order in UK
    Max power 160bhp
    Max torque 127lb ft
    0-60mph 8.1 secs
    Top speed 127mph
    Mpg 20

    The refurbished alloys wear #Ferrari-Dino hubcaps and the original 'dog-dish' items are in the boot, along with all the old door seals. The wheels have new Runway Enduro 185/70 tyres, which are the correct size although it could easily get away with something a little fatter.

    Inside, the seats, centre console and dashboard top have been retrimmed in soft leather rather than the factory vinyl, and the carpets look new; the headlining is excellent, too. One section of veneer to the glovebox lid needs re-glueing. And both electric windows work.

    The 2-litre V6 is tidy with no leaks and a recent clutch slave cylinder with braided hose, plus various fresh sections of throttle linkage. Its oil is clean and just over the 'Max' mark, while the coolant is a little rusty.

    The engine fires instantly, settling to a fast tickover and with no untoward mechanical noises, and the oil pressure gauge reads 30psi... eventually, so we're assuming that the instrument is faulty.

    The car drives beautifully, tracking straight with fluid feel to the steering and a supple chassis, with no clonks or thuds, plus decent brakes and strong gearbox synchros. Water temperature sits steady at 75°C, rising to 80°C when stationary. The MoT is current until 2015.

    • Nicely repainted; just a small dent in the front bumper

    • New leather and carpets

    • Fully checked out, although the oil-pressure gauge reads low

    For - Drives sweetly and faithfully
    Against - At this level of condition, you notice small prep marks

    Top money, with almost everything going for it, but a Alfa-Romeo-Montreal or a Porsche-911 could represent better value
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