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    2016 #Ford-Mustang-V8 / #Ford-Mustang-MkVI / #Ford-Mustang / #Ford / #Ford-Mustang-V8-MkVI / #2016
    Cost new 3,995
    Value now £46,000

    Yes, it’s brand spanking new, but this Ford is guaranteed future classic.

    I will make no apologies. The latest Mustang is a full-on classic. The first Pony car ever to have a steering wheel on the right is outrageous fun, value and oozes muscle car mischief. £34,000 buys the 5.0-litre V8 that can crack 60mph in 4.8 seconds and run to 155mph. Throw in independent rear suspension, adjustable steering resistance, a locking front wheel function for drag racing starts plus a limited-slip diff, and the 2016 Mustang looks an unbelievable package for the price. And that’s before you revel in the symphonic 410bhp V8 soundtrack.

    And unlike every #Ford-Mustang-GT-MkVI since that momentous launch day in April 1964, this one is the closest to that original winning formula that saw 20,000 orders taken in just 24 hours. Both the convertible and fastback (there’s no notchback coupé) have drawn heritage styling cues with classic Mustang front grille and sequential rear lights. The landmark packaging of long bonnet, short boot is still there too and if you opt for GT spec there’s the same circular badge in the middle of the back panel – just like a ’65 version. And it’s no pale facsimile of the original either because when you wind the V8 up it cackles demonically. There’s endless urge, a crisp six-speed box and the sort of road manners that Sixties Mustang owners can only dream of. That’s the biggest surprise – this Mustang handles.

    Ford must have put a very strong padlock on the design room doors because all the fun-stoppers clearly had nothing whatsoever to do with this car’s planning. Only wildeyed designers would include an electronic Line Lock Function, which applies the brakes to the front wheels so you can sit stationary, happily spinning the rear tyres wreathed in smoke. And you can switch the traction control off to ensure cinematic power-sliding exits from junctions. Bluechip car companies aren’t supposed to include bad behaviour buttons on their options list. And the man usually responsible for inserting vibration and crudeness into Mustangs was kept out of design meetings too, because the chassis feels slick and sophisticated.

    Of course there’s a waiting list and the first Mustangs are fetching over list – exactly what happened in 1964. I’ve seen dealers asking £13k more than list for the #V8 cars that make up 70 per cent of all orders. My advice is to wait until prices calm and bag a convertible. As a thunderous four-seater drop-top the new Mustang is an outrageous alternative to predictable Audi and BMW rivals. Twenty mpg and zero subtlety are the only barriers to entry. Neither of which bothers me – I’ve just ordered one.

    ‘There’s a waiting list and new cars are fetching over list price – just like they did in 1964’
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