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  • The New #1979 Ford Cortina - car that's built for reliability. #Ford-Cortina-Mark-V #Ford-Cortina #Ford-Taunus-TC3 #Ford-Taunus TC3 #Ford

    Ford have introduced a great number of engineering advances on the new Cortina. Each one is important in itself. And together, they add up to a car that’s built for reliability.

    On the Outside

    Up front is the new aerodynamic louvred grille, making Cortina’s good looks look even better and reducing drag at speed.

    There are safety improvements, too. Such as the wrap-around front turn indicators. Bigger tail lamps with integral fog lamps (on the saloons). Window mounted spring-back rear view mirror-either fixed or remote control on some models. Greater window area on all saloon models for better safer visibility. A laminated windscreen fitted as standard.
    Body protection has been improved as well. The wrap-around bumper end caps, for example, are new. And the paintwork process is, to say the least, thorough.

    First, the body receives anti-corrosion treatment Then it’s given two coats of primer. Any vulnerable parts of the bodywork - such as box sections, chassis members and bottoms of doors are protected with wax injections.
    The wheel arches and vulnerable underbody areas are treated with chip resistant pvc coating. Finally, three coats of tough acrylic paint are baked on, and the remaining underbody areas are sprayed with tough wax anti-corrosion sealant to safeguard them against salt spray.

    A car that’s built for reliability

    On the inside

    The new seats have been designed to give improved comfort together with better lumbar lateral and shoulder support.
    The ‘see-through’ detachable headrestraints are available with an additional cushion pad. (This feature is available on some models only.)

    The seat reclining mechanism is operated by a hand-wheel to make adjustment control smoother and more precise.
    If The lower seat belt attachment is mounted on the seat. So it stays correctly aligned no matter where the seat position is adjusted. And, whichever model you choose, there’s a new range of styles and colours in the seat fabrics.
    The re-designed fascia has two independently adjustable vents in the centre for fresh air plus warm air vents at each end. There is 3-speed heater control. The L, GL and Ghia models all feature a new centre console unit and GL and Ghia, have a handy lower console as well.

    On the technical side

    First, improved suspension due to three main features. Rear gas shock absorbers for increased comfort and durability.
    A larger diameter front stabiliser bar to reduce roll and give greater stability. Revised spring and shock absorber settings for a more comfortable ride. Secondly, a variable venturi carburettor, with award winning sonic idle system, is fitted to the 1.3 and 1.6 single choke engines to reduce fuel consumption. Next comes a viscous coupled fan, fitted to all engines. This thermo-statically controlled unit allows the fan to idle when engine cooling requirements are low. This minimises lost engine power In addition to improved performance and fuel consumption, the fan also gives lower noise levels and faster warm - up times.

    Then there is the improved V6 engine.

    A new cylinder head with improved combustion chambers, porting and valves gives better performance.
    What’s more, the V6 engine also features electronic breakerless ignition for peak performance all the time.

    On the service side

    The new Cortina now only requires a major service at every 12,000 miles with a reduced service at 6,000 miles. Some of the features that make for ease of service and lower costs include the following maintenance-free wheel bearings; self-adjusting clutch; self-adjusting brakes that can now be checked without removing the wheels. Simple-to-adjust headlamps-and external bulbs that can be replaced without using tools on the saloons. Check-at-a-glance battery, brake fluid and windscreen washer bottle.

    And lots of options besides

    Whichever Cortina model you choose, there’s a wide range of options available. Here are just some of them-look down the list and see which ones are right for you.

    ‘S’ Pack is:
    Automatic transmission.
    Halogen driving lamps.
    Inertia reel rear seat belts.
    Power operated radio antenna.
    Stereo cassette player.
    Sun roof.
    Vinyl roof.
    Alloy road wheels.

    ‘Business Pack’ for Estate Cars.
    Headlamp wash.
    Passenger door mirror.
    Stereo radio.
    Remote m control door mirror.
    Tinted glass.
    Power assisted steering.

    So much to choose from. But whichever ones you choose, you know you can count on them. After all, they’re designed for the new Cortina, a car that’s built for reliability.

    The Cortina Saloon

    The vehicle illustrated is a Cortina Saloon, 2 door, in Cordoba Beige with Tan Vinyl Trim. Option fitted (at extra cost) is Passenger Door Mirror.

    The #Ford-Cortina-L
    The vehicle illustrated is a Cortina L Saloon, 4 door. Fabric Trim. Option fitted (at extra cost) is Passenger door mirror.

    The vehicle illustrated is a Cortina GL Saloon, in Strato Silver with Red Windsor Fabric Trim.'Options fitted (at extra cost) a Mirror, Rear Seat Belts and Metallic Paint.

    The #Ford-Cortina-GL
    The vehicle illustrated is a Cortina GLS Salon Tan Windsor Fabric Trim. Options fitted (at Headlamp Wash and Passenger Door Mirror. in Venetian Red cost are Sunroof.

    The #Ford-Cortina-GLS
    The #Ford-Cortina-Ghia

    The vehicle illustrated is a Cortina Ghia Saloon, in Solar Gold with Chocolate Durham and Crushed Velour Fabric Trim. Options fitted (at extra cost) are Passenger Door Mirror, Sunroof, Automatic Transmission and Metallic Paint.

    Cortina S Packs
    ‘S’ Packs are available on the following models: Cortina L, Cortina GL and Cortina Ghia.

    The following features are included:

    1600cc OHC Twin Choke engine
    Driving Lamps
    ‘S’ Badge on boot
    The vehicle illustrated is a Cortina L Estate Car, in Green with Chocolate Savannah Fabric Trim. Option fitted (at extra cost) are Passenger Door Mirror and Metallic Paint.
    Head Restraints
    4 Spoke Steering Wheel
    Revised Suspension Settings
    Front gas shock absorbers
    ‘Sports’ gear lever knob
    Sports Road Wheels
    185/70 HR x 13 tyres

    CORTINA GL (‘S’ pack not available with 1600 engine)
    Driving Lamps
    ‘S’ Badge on Boot
    Revised Suspension Settings
    Front gas shock absorbers
    ‘Sports’ gear lever knob
    185/70 HR x 13 tyres
    CORTINA GHIA (‘S’ pack not available with 1600 engine)
    Driving Lamps
    ‘Sports’ gear lever knob
    Revised Suspension Setting
    Front gas shock absorbers

    Illustrations, Descriptions and Specifications


    Ford policy is one of continuous improvement. The right is reserved to change specifications, colours and prices of the models and items illustrated and described in this publication at any time. Where possible, any such changes which may be introduced after publication of this brochure but before it is supplied will be incorporated herein or announced by means of a notice prominently displayed in Ford Dealerships at the point of supply. For the latest details always consult your Ford Dealer Published by: Car-Advertising Department, Ford Motor Company Ltd., Brentwood, Essex, England.

    FA 326. September 1979. Printed by Severn Valley Press Limited, Caerphilly.
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