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  • Saturday, February 28 2015
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Why should you buy one?

On paper the 1.9 may have seemed a touch underpowered but, in fact, it was the fourcylinder cars that were actually better to drive in many ways. The Z3’s chassis was not the most competent when pushed and the heavier and more powerful engines didn’t suit the Z3 platform, at least until it was beefed-up for the M version. Instead, the four-pot Z3 is a great back-to-basics sports car that’s easy to drive and easy to enjoy.


Being the earliest model it’s also gained a certain amount of retro appeal, just as a 1990s sports car should. Prices are just about the cheapest they are ever going to be and although it might not seem it at the minute it’s quite plausible that these will soon start to go up in value.



The Z3 is now at the cheap and cheerful point of its life but there have been other BMWs that enjoyed this period in their lives before suddenly becoming desirable once again. That means now is an ideal time to buy one up and have some fun and the 1.9-litre is well suited to the chassis. Be aware that it’s not about speed with the four-cylinder cars but they offered a better balance than the six-cylinder machines and they are just as practical to use now as they were new, with problems being few and far between. Good examples are just as easy to come by as average ones, so pick the right car and you should be able to enjoy it for what it is whilst ticking it off the bucket list of BMWs to own before they become either too rare or too expensive to own and use properly.