TRAX Silverstone 2018 7th October

The official season closer is nearly upon us, and there’s no doubt that it’s a bittersweet prospect. Then again, although it’s a crying shame that the shows are all but over, we get to witness one of the biggest events known to the automotive world… whether that’s retro or otherwise.

The truth is that TRAX is absolutely massive, and not only does it cater for the lovers of modern cars, but there’s quite the niche carved out for old skool metal too. In fact, motors of the more classic variety always make up a significant part of the show, but what’s most important is far more simple – no matter what you’re into, you’ll find it here at Silverstone. TRAX always includes the very best examples from every aspect of car culture, including those from the world of motorsport, drifting, audio, supercars and just about every other niche… and they’re all sitting side by side.

TRAX Silverstone 7th October

TRAX Silverstone 7th October

All the action is there too, with an insane amount of demos and stunts going on around the legendary venue. But it doesn’t stop with spectating, it’s the sort of event that begs you get involved. Whether that’s making the most of the public track-time or going against the clock in the sprint challenge, there’s not only plenty to see, but there’s also plenty to do. Don’t miss out on this one – it’s a bloody long wait until TRAX 2019!

What’s on?

Magazine Paddocks

Nankang Tyre Challenge

Club Display Area

Audio Village

Supercar Paddock

Turbosmart Sprint Test

Track Time

Show and Shine

Retail Village

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