Toyota Supras are primed to go supersonic soon

I’d like to say there’s a chance of you finding an unmolested original ’1993 to ‘1996 UK-spec Toyota Supra A80, but you’ll be looking long and hard. The modifying craze reduced the supply of stock cars to double figures. That and the fact that only around 600 were sold in the UK – hardly surprising with a 1993 list price of £40,000. The A80 fourth-gen Supra is a card-carrying classic with more horses than an M3, better power to weight ratio than a Ferrari 348 and a de-limited top speed of 177mph. Sixty comes up in under five seconds and that 3.0-litre 24v six with its sequential turbos is a bulletproof gem. Toyota did everything to lighten the A80 – even including hollow carpet tufting. The attention to engineering detail was obsessive with a bespoke Getrag V160 six-speed ’box, LSD, ABS, traction control and even a motorised active air dam. Not forgetting that raunchy rear spoiler (also hollow to save weight).

Prices in the US have gone nuts with RM Sotheby’s recently drawing $173,000 for a black ’1994 Targa Twin Turbo with 11,200 miles and an optimistic Toyota dealer in Chicago has a 7000-mile red ’1995 manual listed for $500,000 (no, that’s not a misprint). In the UK things are much saner with a private seller in Berkshire offering a black, original ’1994 UK-supplied auto with Toyota history, ‘massive file of invoices’ and 98k miles for £21,950, while JAP Cars in Berkshire has an imported silver ’1995 Twin Turbo auto, totally stock with 11 stamps in the service book, ring binder of history, black leather and 62k miles for just £12,995. Don’t be surprised if we see mint, low-mileage UK cars making over £60k soon.

Toyota Supras are primed to go supersonic soon

Toyota Supras are primed to go supersonic soon

Value 2012 £8000

Value now 2019 £12k


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