Nissan 300ZX is set for a charge

Signs are that the Nineties Twin Turbo Z32 won’t be an affordable GT for much longer.

The ’1989 to ’1994 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo could become the new 240Z or Honda NSX, Supra A80 . Brutally striking, fast and wide-eyed, it can hit 60mph in 5.6 seconds and carry on to a maximum of 155.

Nissan 300ZX is set for a charge

Nissan 300ZX is set for a charge

Up against the contemporary Sierra Cosworth, 944 S2 and Audi Quattro 20v, 300ZXs were highly regarded as worthy embodiments of Nissan’s famous Z Car philosophy. Ridley Scott’s iconic 300ZX TV ad – ‘Built for the Human Race’ – was actually banned in the US for glorifying speed. In the UK the list price was a huge £35,000, but buyers liked the muscly lines, four-wheel steering, ABS, dual Garrett blowers and punchy 276bhp V6.

If I were looking for an affordable Nineties GT that won’t depreciate, I’d find a perfect, original UK-supplied low miler and tuck it away. There’s only one problem – there aren’t many of those left. SM Specialist Cars in Bedford has a UK-supplied red ’93 Twin Turbo manual with 79k, full Nissan history and black leather for £7995. If you come across a UK-market car with a sub-50,000 mileage you should gratefully pay £10k to £12k, because they won’t stay that price for long.

In the States the 300ZX is rising fast and at April’s Amelia Island sale RM Sotheby’s sold a 2700-miler for $53,200 (around £40,000).

Back in the UK, a private seller in Surrey is offering a UK-supplied, automatic ’1990 in red with 78,000 miles and FSH for £7995. Elsewhere, a private seller in Harrow has a red ’1992 auto import that has been dry-stored since 1999 with just 34,000 miles for £9500.

Manuals are the preferred option – just make sure that it really has twin blowers (some didn’t) and only buy original, unmodified cars.

The 300ZX is quite labour-intensive, with timing belt, cooling and blocked drain hole issues, so look for lots of bills to prove regular fettling has been carried out.

As a classic with a big Millennial following, the 300ZX may surprise us yet. Now’s the time to start looking…

‘Find a perfect, original UK-supplied low miler and tuck it away’

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