The times you wish you had a Peugeot 204

Precise rack and pinion steering steers you clear. Should the crunch come energy absorbing front and rear sections, burst proof door locks to minimise impact and danger. Judge a car’s reputation by its second hand value and this is your car. Mention the name Peugeot and there is many a canny customer ready to snatch up a motoring bargain. Peugeot owners will tell you that Peugeot have a name for great durability over very high mileages, being that much tougher and looking more elegant over the years. Check the classifieds yourself: dealers don’t give value for nothing. Through traffic Inter city or suburban commuting can be a weary chore. For Peugeot owners life’s different — Peugeot engineering see to that. There’s a four speed, fully synchromesh gearbox with diaphragm type clutch to make light work of driving — a quietness and smoothness by which others are judged and that indefinable ‘oneness’ which only Peugeot can produce. ‘Standard’ Peugeot 204 extras give you extra comfort. Fully reclining front seats. Heater. Screen- washer. Clock. Anti-theft lock. Radial tyres. All inclusive The 204 and 404 ranges include saloons and estate cars — all with the same built-in reliability that has brought the marque world acclaim in the gruelling East African Safari rally. But check for yourself. Write today for full details and the name of your nearest Peugeot dealer. He’ll be pleased to arrange a test drive for you.

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