Startech brings symmetry to the 2019 Land Rover Discovery

The asymmetric tailgate of the latest Land Rover Discovery has proved somewhat controversial, but for those that can’t handle its offset number plate, there’s now an aftermarket solution to straighten things out. So what’s the issue? Well, Design Director Gerry McGovern’s styling solution for the Discovery pays tribute to older models by positioning the rear number plate, recess and lights on the left of the tailgate. However, with no spare wheel hung next to it – that disappeared with a previous-generation Discovery – some have found the lack of symmetry rather bothersome.


McGovern stands up for his design, but partly puts the internet debate down to dealerships fitting the wrong style of number plates, saying that if they’re too deep and have a blue band at one side “you get a load of yellow”, because the rear of the Discovery was designed “for a slimmer number plate”.

Startech brings symmetry to the 2019 Land Rover Discovery

2019 Land Rover Discovery Startech / Before / After

If you think the issue is more deepseated than that, the Startech solution may be the only way forward. An insert for the existing tailgate, it repositions the registration plate in the middle of the car, with the Land Rover badge neatly tucked in the bottom right corner and a swathe of gloss black trim between the rear lights. Called the ‘Discovery of Symmetry’, more information can be found at, with the modification costing around £700. It is even perfectly compatible with the reversing camera.

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