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    Year of manufacture #1972
    Recorded mileage 19,504
    Asking price £25,500
    Vendor Beech Hill Garage, Beech Hill, Reading, Berkshire; tel: 0118 9884 774; www.beechhillgarage.com

    Price £1536
    Max power 150bhp
    Max torque 1 4lb ft
    0-60mph 8.2 secs
    Top speed 119mph
    Mpg 20

    At first glance, this TR6 seems extremely encouraging and those first impressions continue once you start looking in detail. The Triumph was restored in ’93 by specialist Revington TR – the history file showing receipts totalling over £14,000, a figure that translates to about £27,000 in today’s money once you account for inflation over the past 24 years.

    What is more impressive, however, is just how well the TR6 has been cared for since that rebuild: the paintwork looks almost new and the engine as if it has just been overhauled, but this could be down to the fact that the mileage of 19,504 is believed to be correct.

    The Triumph is not over-restored, though: the black trim is nicely worn and supple without cracks and the dash has an attractively aged finish rather than fresh varnish. Although not to everyone’s taste, the 185/65R15 Vitour Galaxy tyres with white narrow-band sidewalls look almost new and there are standard powder-coated wheels beneath the rimbellishers.

    Under the bonnet, the 2.5-litre straight-six is fed by triple throttle bodies – the injectors and metering unit having recently been replaced. On start-up, the twin stainless exhaust pipes provide a pleasing note that only gets better as you pull away and accelerate.

    Mechanically, the engine and transmission feel excellent: there’s plenty of power from the alleged 150bhp unit, plus the four-speed gearbox with overdrive is smooth and free from any untoward noises.

    The servo brakes pull the Triumph up nice and square, without deviation, the sharp steering is relatively light and responsive while the firm suspension copes well with less than perfect B-roads.

    The TR6 comes with a large box of spares (including a set of left-hand drive headlights from a period spent in France), and is being sold by the current owner only because he has fulfilled a dream of owning a Porsche 911. It will be sold with a fresh MoT and is ready to start enjoying.

    ● Near-perfect paint finish, although door gaps could be marginally improved
    ● Taking on patina; needs nothing
    ● Strong and powerful
    VALUE ★★★★★★★★✩✩
    For A well-restored example
    Against Tyres won’t appeal to some people, but they’re easily replaced

    In theory, it should be a safe buy for the money with known history and excellent performance to boot