Power boost for ’50s Astons

Specialist Aston Service Dorset has used original factory drawings to remanufacture the water-heated inlet manifold from the DBD ‘Special Series’ engine, as originally offered as a performance upgrade on late-50s Astons.

The DBD upgrade comprised the special cast manifold and three SU H6 carburettors. The set-up was developed for the DB2/4 Mklll and was said to give better torque characteristics than the earlier, track-oriented ‘Special Series’ engines, making it ideal for fast road use. A total of 47 cars were factory-fitted with the DBD option in period.

Aston Service Dorset has re-made an exact ‘toolroom copy’ of the manifold to the original drawings, which the company

owns. All the ancillary parts fitted are also made to the original drawings and/or sourced from the original suppliers, including the plumbing fittings that make up the chromed heating pipes.

The DBD upgrade was originally said to increase the power output from 162bhp at 5500rpm to 180bhp. Fitted to a competition car in the Aston Service Dorset workshop, the set-up produced 200bhp at 6500rpm on the dyno.

The upgrade can be purchased as a manifold assembly (£2995 plus VAT) or complete with carburettors, ready to fit. An initial small batch has been made and these are now ready to ship. For details, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1202 574727.

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