Porsche Panamera 971 Recall

Porsche is recalling Panamera models for the re-programming of their electric power steering control units…


Porsche is requesting that owners of current generation Panameras bring their vehicles into their OPC for work to be completed on the electric power steering control unit. Affected vehicles, which totals 74,585 cars worldwide, are those built between 21 March 2016 and 6 December 2018 – these cars will have their systems re-programmed.

Porsche Panamera Recall

Porsche Panamera Recall

The recall has been actioned due to a software fault meaning that there is the potential for the assistance offered by the electric power steering to become unavailable for a limited period of time. If this happens then, of course, increased force is required for steering. Porsche says that the reprogramming is strictly a precautionary measure. Affected customers are being contacted in writing, they are being asked to visit their local Porsche Centre as soon as possible where the workshop will undertake the job, this is said to take around an hour and is conducted free of charge.

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