Porsche “Destination” charging hits 1000 stations

Tesla-inspired charging network growing fast and offered free to Porsche owners

If you’re into electric cars, you’ll know all about Tesla’s Supercharger network. It’s designed to enable long distance driving courtesy of a network of very high powered stations with quick-charging capability. However, Tesla also has a network of lower-powered level-two destination charging stations. These are placed at locations where drivers are expected to make longer stops, such as hotels, airports, museums, shopping malls and more. The idea is that longer stops allow lower power stations to provide a full top up. Tesla has over 20,000 such chargers at around 4000 locations.

Porsche is now getting in on that model, too, with Porsche Destination Charging. Porsche says it has installed 1035 such stations so far in 20 countries and aims to have chargers installed in at least 2000 locations by the end of 2020.

“Porsche customers with a Taycan or plug-in hybrid models can charge their vehicles for free at these sites,” says the official announcement. As with Tesla’s similar network, Porsche offers to provide the hardware in the form of four 11kW three-phase charging points for free. Its location partners must pay for installation and allow access to Porsche drivers to park and charge at no cost. Porsche then adds the location to its in-car navigation system.

In Europe, the existing Porsche network extends from Germany, Spain and Italy to the Benelux countries and some Eastern Europea n markets. Porsche says the programme will eventually be available in all markets where Porsche offers plug-in hybrid models and fully electric cars for sale. Existing electrified Porsche owners can consult their cars for local availability.

If you’re interested in providing a location for the Porsche Destination Charging network, you can head for destinationcharging.eu to make an online application. Porsche says participation in the network will attract electric vehicle drivers and increase the visibility of destinations and that marketing support is provided.

Porsche Destination Charging is a ‘thing’ giving a slower charge, for those in not so much of a hurry…

Hike in Porsche charging points
Hike in Porsche charging points

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