Porsche 911 996 second life from £7000


There’s been a lot of talk of weak IMS bearings in the naturally aspirated 3.4 flat-six, but this gets more attention than it should, and apart from leaky main rear oil seals, the engine is strong, as proven by the army of high-mileage 996s available on the internet!

New from £56,000

Now £7000

So what price are we looking at for a 996? Well, go for a less-desirable Tiptronic Carrera 4, and you’ll see prices start at seven-grand, but you don’t really want to buy the cheapest one on the Internet!

A full service history is a must – no one wants a shady Porsche, and we’d definitely hunt out a manual, and the more fun RWD Carrera 2! If you’re really lucky, you’ll come across one with the optional Aero kit, but you’ll pay a premium for this factory-fitted option.

Look for popular colours like black, and you’ll find a sub 100 000-mile car for about 9k… although at that price, it won’t be around long!

Then let :he subtle modifying begin with a set of German branded coilovers, 3-piece rims keep the originals and a professional detail, and people will think you’re rolling around in a £30,000 car!

As an added bonus, we reckon you’ll still get your money back when you sell it on, as the 996 has surely done all of its depreciating already, and prices will soon start to rise! In fact, we’re off to look on the classifieds right now!

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