Obituary – Bob Jane 1929-2018

Legendary Aussie racer Robert Jane lost his long-term battle against prostate cancer on September 28, 2018, aged 88.

Obituary Bob Jane 18 December 1929 – 28 September 2018

He became an Australian household name after starting tyre outlet T-Mart, in 1962. The huge success helped to finance his prodigious racing career. From his first outing in 1961, his 3.8 Mk 2 became virtually unbeatable.

Obituary - Bob Jane 1929-2018

Obituary – Bob Jane 1929-2018

Developing his car and enlarging the capacity to 4.2-litre (nothing like Jaguar’s version), he dominated touring car racing between 1961 and 1965, at one point winning 38 races in succession against some highly modified cars. Jane also experienced success with E-types, first in a red 3.8 fixedhead coupe, before moving onto lightweight number ten, chassis number S860667. More victories racked up, to the point where Jane brought both cars to the UK.

Wins eluded him at the British tracks through various problems outside his control, although many questioned his ‘elbow’s out’ driving style.

Bob went onto win the Armstrong 500 (forerunner of the Bathurst 1000) four times, and was Australian Touring Car Champion four times. He raced at Le Mans and in many different series to become one of Australia’s greatest all-round racers. In 2000, he was inducted into the Australian V8 Supercar Hall of Fame. He leaves three children: Courtney, Charlotte and Robert.

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