2019 BMW Z4 G29

There is much talk about which cars will headline this year’s Paris Motor Show. One undoubted star will be the all-new 2019 BMW Z4 G29, designed and engineered in conjunction with Toyota (which will spin a new Supra off the same platform). The Z4 will have been formally unveiled at Pebble Beach by the time you read this, but its full technical specification is believed to have been held back for Paris.


Expect the car to be available only as a convertible and powered by a range of 2-litre four- and 3-litre six-cylinder engines. Although a warm M40i version is expected in the same style as the current M240i, there is no news as yet of a ‘proper’ M version.

In the meantime, Mercedes-Benz will show a new AMG version of the A-class. Designed to fill the yawning chasm between the ‘normal’ A-class and the monster A45 AMG, this new A35 AMG will offer a VW Golf R-rivalling 300bhp powerplant.

Those waiting for the new A45 will need to be patient: it’s not scheduled for introduction until some time into 2019.

New BMW Z4

2019 BMW Z4 G29


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