New Midlands Moving Museum

Derbyshire-based attraction allows visitors to drive its cars

The Great British Car Journey – set to open next spring – has set itself apart from conventional static museums. Many of its 100-car collection will be available to drive. The 100-acre former wire factory site on the banks of the river Derwent is the latest venture from Richard Usher (founder of Blyton Park circuit) and includes a one-mile test track for the public – under instructor supervision – to drive one of the collection’s 35 mobile exhibits.

The collection celebrates Britain’s car industry and aims to introduce and educate younger generations to the cars that kept the majority of the nation mobile. Cars like the Ford Cortina, Austin Maestro and Vauxhall Cavalier will make an appearance.

There will also be a timeline display on site showcasing nearly a century of British motoring. Each visitor will be given a full audio-visual tour via a bespoke tablet. From early pioneers Herbert Austin and William Morris to Alec Issigonis and the Mini up to the troubled 1970s British Leyland era, the ups and downs of the industry will be laid bare. The collection concludes in the early 2000s with the Rover 75. ‘The idea of being able to rock up to a car museum, backed with so many exceptional examples of unexceptional cars – and then drive them fills me with rather a little too much excitement!’ Said MC founding editor Keith Adams who also created Austin Rover portal ‘I’ve visited the site and can confirm that it looks exciting.’

The Great British Car Journey and sister experience Drive Dad’s Car are due to open in April 2020.


Proposed new museumon the Derwent. 35 cars – including this Cortina – can be driven.

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