New BMW i Collection

BMW makes a range of accessories to complement any vehicle, from a T-shirt to sunglasses. In itself, that isn’t special. However, using more environmentally- friendly materials such as organic cotton and an eco-friendly Lyocell fabric that’s derived from natural and sustainably forested eucalyptus wood, the collection is elevated to something more noteworthy.


Though prices aren’t cheap – the T-shirt carries a RRP of €59 – most of the items warrant their asking price and all are made with resource-friendly, sustainable manufacturing as

an important consideration. The 3D printed sunglasses frame, for example, is designed without hinges or screws, which makes them production-efficient with little waste in manufacturing and they’re made to be easy to recycle too (price on request to BMW).

New BMW i Collection

New BMW i Collection

RRP: €24.95 for a cup – ranging to €290 for a men’s jacket



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