Ford Mustang celebrates its 55th birthday

Some car models have proved to be so popular over the years, they’ve clocked up some mightily impressive anniversaries. The original Land Rover Defender might be one that a lot of people would assume to be one of the longest-runners, although its 33-year span pales in comparison to the Citroën 2CV (42 years) and Hindustan Ambassador (49 years). But as with so many things, Ford has deftly climbed to the top of this particular tree: the original Mustang debuted a staggering 55 years ago, which means that there’s much to celebrate in 2019.

Naturally, everyone’s favourite blue-collar muscle car will be ignoring the cake and heading straight for the donuts (which you can see by searching YouTube for ‘Happy 55th Birthday to the Ford Mustang’), and there will be plenty of celebrations across the globe: Lego have released a model of the ’67 Mustang fastback that has over 1,400 pieces, and on the 17th April (the same date the Mustang was first unveiled back in 1964) a worldwide network of Cars ‘n’ Coffee meets collected ’Stangs together in locations as diverse as the USA, UK, Germany, Mexico, the UAE, Canada, China and Lebanon. In Dunton, 66 enthusiasts brought their Mustangs along to join four shiny new models along with classics from Ford’s own heritage collection; a selection then parked up to reveal a ‘55’ formation from the air. And we can expect to see many more Mustang celebrations throughout the year. If you’re hosting an event to mark the occasion, let us know!

Mustang celebrates its 55TH birthday

Mustang celebrates its 55TH birthday

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