Long-Term Effects of Car Accidents

paramedic placing cervical collar injured woman car accident

If you’ve never been in a car accident, you may assume you’d be fine a couple of days after a collision. You may even think the greatest issue would be lacking transportation while your car is getting fixed. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This is evidenced by the types of injuries and the long-term effects that victims of car accidents can suffer.

Here are some examples of the long-term effects of car accident injuries victims may face. Read more about the long-term effects of accident injuries at iconmedicalcenters.com/miami/.

Complicated and Severe Injuries

When you get injured in a crash, hit your head, or suffer an injury to your spinal cord, medical appointments and treatments may become a regular part of your life for months or even permanently. You may be left with a mental or physical disability that requires help when performing the most basic of activities of daily life.

These injuries often result in the loss of a job and a struggle to keep up with medical expenses when there is no income. That is why pain and suffering is also common long-term effect after a car crash.

Emotional Effects

Depression may be a consequence of your car accident. However, you may also experience insomnia, anxiety, anger, and other emotions that may linger after an accident. This may require professional assistance to prevent these feelings from developing into something long-term that can become harder to treat and overcome.


Suffering from post-traumatic stress after a car accident is common. This may be triggered by feelings that creep up on you when you get in the car, drive by the scene of the accident, or hear a loud noise. If there were children involved, they might also be struggling with PTSD, crying whenever they need to ride in a car. Getting professional help for PTSD is the best way to fight this paralyzing emotional issue.

Grieving the Death of a Loved One

If you survived the accident but someone close to you did not, the survivor’s guilt can be overwhelming. You may feel like your life will never feel normal again. While you have to deal with your injuries, trying to understand and accept the death of a loved one may be too much to handle without professional help. This is not something that can be changed or undone; learning to live with the pain of the loss may become a part of your life forever.

The Loss of Your Vehicle

Even though losing property is not comparable to the death of a loved one, losing your car may also cause you to feel depressed, desolate, or angry. You may have to miss work without a reliable means of transportation, not to mention the overall loss of independence. You may also have to deal with an insurance company that does not seem to care.

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