Jakabi’s MGF/TF facelift

Jakabi Designs has recently released its RSG range of panels, which allows owners of both the MGF and TF to update the styling of their car without losing any of the popular MG sports car’s DNA. In fact, Paul Goldsmith’s main goal with the kit was to create something that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern MG showroom and makes use of the modern MG 3’s grille.

Since we last reported on the concept last September, Paul Goldsmith has added a new lightweight vented engine cover, which can be seen in the kit of panels pictured above.

All panels included in the RSG range can be directly swapped with both F and TF panels, with the only exception being the front bumper which requires the fitment of the later TF lights if it’s to be fitted to an earlier F.

For more information on the kit and upcoming alterations, Jakabi Designs’ Facebook profile is provided below.

Jakabi Design

Jakabi Design / W: www.facebook.com/jakabi-design

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