Ian Stent smiles per mile

How many miles do you manage in your kit car each year? Now I fully appreciate that if your car is seriously off the road, then zero is an understandable (if probably frustrating) reality. But what if your car is MoT’d and ready to go?

I was somewhat taken aback recently when some fellow kit car owners admitted that over the last year or two they’d struggled to manage more than 400 miles in a year. How’s that possible? Having fixed a leaking fuel hose on my Cyclone earlier this summer I managed more than that on its first test run!

When I look back at the last two MoT certificates on the Cyclone I managed 5261 miles in 2017 (including a jaunt to the French Alps) and last year a more modest 2451 miles. At the moment I’m slightly frustrated by how little I’m using it, but there’s a big trip planned to the Pyrenees shortly that should set that right.

I realise this isn’t a competition and there are no prizes for the most miles covered, but there are odd moments when I question the value of holding onto the Cyclone (usually after a big bill!) until I get behind the wheel again. I think if I was only managing less than 500 miles a year the car would be long gone!

So how many miles do you manage in your kit car?

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